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The Flower Kings - Waiting For Miracles Award winner

The Flower Kings
Waiting For Miracles
by Kai Naiman at 31 December 2019, 5:58 PM

I was introduced to THE FLOWER KINGS by chance, when I found out that IAMTHEMORNING, the band's Russian label-mates, appeared as guests during their recent tour across Europe. Given I've previously been a fan of numerous of bands and projects contracted to Inside Out Music, and after doing interviews for a good long time now, I've grown accustomed to the label's knack of choosing the perfect tour co-headliners and guests and consequently, having to review THE FLOWER KINGS' newest record, "Waiting For Miracles" was the most natural choice to on my part.

After a very pleasant and enjoyable initial listening session, I regret not knowing this release earlier in the year, as "Waiting For Miracles" would've easily found itself in one of the top positions in my 'Best of 2019' list. This, old-school 70's Progressive Rock record, situates THE FLOWER KINGS among those legendary Prog Rock artists, such as MARILLION and YES, to name a few. Being introduced to THE FLOWER KINGS by this record, it does leave me longing for more - and I'll be sure to venture and explore deeper into their musical catalogue. Those who crave for a 'pure Progressive Rock', as the band's label names it, which is both very easy to consume at any given moment and extremely-well composed and produced, look no further - this is the album that you would want to start the new decade that bestows upon us with.

THE FLOWER KINGS are perhaps the best current-day Progressive Rock musicians - there, I've said it; throughout the 15-track-long masterpiece collection that is "Waiting For Miracles", the musicians that formulate this project shine in brilliance. Dominating the majority of this album is Zach Kamins, who serves both as a keyboardist and guitarist - however, he is particularly embossed by his inspirational and multi-layered keyboard control. Not the less important is the guitar playing, which often finding itself revolving around Kamins' keyboard madness, but sometimes proves as bliss on its own. New THE FLOWER KINGS members Jonas Reingold and Mirko DeMaio, adding the bass and percussion to the concussion respectfully, are not only excellent musicians, but also prove integral members in making "Waiting For Miracles" the musical masterpiece it is. Last, but not least, Roine Stolt and Hasse Fröberg provide the vocal element in true old-school fashion and expertise and thus completing the album.

By releasing this record, THE FLOWER KINGS adhered to the top of the charts for 2019, and perhaps the entire decade that passed, as a whole. "Waiting For Miracles" is truly an important record for Progressive music enthusiasts, as it proclaims its rightful spot among the best in the history of its genre. Tune into this piece and sink into musical nirvana, is what I urge you, dear readers, to do.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

Disc I
1. House Of Cards
2. Black Flag
3. Miracles For America
4. Vertigo
5. The Bridge
6. Ascending To The Stars
7. Wicked Old Symphony
8. The Rebel Circus
9. Sleep With The Enemy
10. The Crowning Of Greed

Disc II
1. House Of Cards Reprise
2. Spirals
3. Steampunk
4. We Were Always Here
5. Busking At Brobank
Roine Stolt - Guitars, Vocals
Hasse Fröberg - Vocals
Zach Kamins - Keyboards, Guitars
Jonas Reingold - Bass
Mirko DeMaio - Drums, Percussion 
Record Label: Inside Out Music


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