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The Golden Grass - The Golden Grass

The Golden Grass
The Golden Grass
by Andrew Sifari at 02 May 2014, 9:35 PM

THE GOLDEN GRASS are a rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Following close on the heels of the 7” single “One More Time,” the group’s self-titled debut album is one of refreshing, modern-sounding Blues/Rock in the vein of LED ZEPPLIN and CREAM.

Please Man” opens up to some trippy, distorted guitar effects before giving way to the frantic drum fills that introduce the song’s exuberant main riff. From the wailing solos to its working-class lyrical content and spacey sound-effects, this song is a great introduction to the band, especially in the sense that it showcases the genuineness that permeates throughout “The Golden Grass”. Many groups only imitate the sounds they were inspired by originally, but THE GOLDEN GRASS manage to channel the upbeat, carefree sounds of 60s/70s electrified Blues while sounding no less up-to-date in the process. Michael Rafalowich’s guitar playing is spot-on, reaching a great balance between technicality and musicality. In addition to his solid vocal performance, Adam Kinrey’s enthusiastic drumming is also noteworthy, maintaining a solid rhythmic foundation while also using the instrument to add to the energy and vibe of each song.
Stuck On A Mountain” is, to me, an even better realization of the band’s musical vision. Relaxing, infectious, and soulful just a few of the words that can be used to describe this sprawling, nearly-seven-minute long track, one of catchiest songs here. The production is great, and all of the band’s instruments are clearly audible in the mix, so it’s definitely worth listening to with headphones to pick out all of the great little musical nuances layered within.

Lead single “One More Time,” with its confident, swagger-filled riffing and slower pace, is another winner, rocking with plenty of attitude before ceding to the bluesy behemoth that is “Wheels.” This song, like “Stuck On A Mountain,” is the complete package as far as key THE GOLDEN GRASS elements go, though its sheer length makes it just a bit harder to digest. Still, it is yet another inspired performance, replete with memorable lyrics, riffs and melodies and a great overall feel to it, mixing in psychedelic sounds and acoustic passages to great effect while never sounding pretentious. “Sugar N’ Spice,” while differing little from the aforementioned tracks, closes things out on a high note.

The Golden Grass” is a breath of fresh air in this highly commercialized, post-NIRVANA musical landscape we exist in today. The music itself is heavy, but the mood is much less so, and the group’s authentic, entertaining brand of feel-good Blues Rock will appeal to lovers of almost all kinds of rock music as well as old-school heavy metal fans.


4 Star Rating

1. Please Man
2. Stuck on a Mountain
3. One More Time
4. Wheels
5. Sugar N’ Spice
Adam “The Golden Goose” Kriney – Drums, lead vocals
Michael “Professor Plum Brandy” Rafalowich – guitars, vocals
Joe “Wild Company” Noval  – bass
Record Label: Svart Records


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