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The Hallowed Catharsis ­- EP II: Organic Entrenchment

The Hallowed Catharsis
EP II: Organic Entrenchment
by Mike Coyle at 17 September 2015, 6:23 PM

From research since I know nothing of this band I have found that the band I am reviewing is a Deathcore band, now I can't say I like or even support Deathcore as I find it to be a boring imitation of Death Metal and lacks a lot to the ear as it normally sounds like someones skinny jeans are riding into their balls, but who knows maybe I'll like this band and maybe I won't either way I will try my best to judge it fairly ladies and gentlemen.

The track "Tribulations Of Tripping" from the start shows us that we will see the band going in to some technical riffs which to be honest works well as it sounds like modern progressive tones that you hear in bands like tesseract and Animals as leaders, but once the vocals kick in it all kind of goes down for me, the vocals aren't terrible, there just not as good as you want them to be especially with what we have in the background. Through the track I tried focusing only on the guitars and drums the whole time as these were the only things I could really give credit to, I find the technicality stimulating while at the same time enjoying the method of skill being played for us.

Next is the track "No White Corneas; No Colourful Irisis". For this track it sounds like the band are really trying to break away from the whole core sound, but in all honesty it just doesn't work folks. The track just becomes another stereotypical song trying to sound big but just not becoming as big as you want it to be while trying to keep you interested while boring you at the same time, there are no hooks that catch your eye nore is there anything on this track I would say attracts attention, it's just one long scream with nothing to back it up which is disappointing as the first track really had something going for it.

The third track is titled "Concrete Walls". The start of this track does something for me as it starts slow and even with a decent bass and guita instrumental going on, this is something I can wrap my brain around as it has structure with different elements going on behind it and I feeel this could be something. Then I spoke to soon, as the track goes further we see the band revert to this lazy break down type riff style which could work for another song, but it's just I felt that this song could have had more to work with then this and it makes me wonder if this is really the chemistry they want to go with for future releases?

The fourth track is titled "Jazzy Jeff: With A Suit And A Grin". Now this is a fun track I have to admit as it goes really weird with the riffs and bass lines being put forward, it's random goodness at it's best which really makes this very tolerable for me to listen to. This track puts the progressive side of the band first which I like rather then the typical core that this EP has shown us so far, but again the vocals almost ruin this for me just because it the vocalist could have lightened down on the screaming we could have had something solid for this one ladies and gents.

The final track called "Rearranged At A Subatomic Level" finishes this one off we see the band going back to what we saw in track two but with less breakdown type riffs, instead we see wild progressive riffs flying about like a flock of hens which I think works best for this band the most and shows what they can do as a unit and as a band. I feel that if you take some things away from this band they could be better then they are and I think there could be some hope if they choose to do so.

To conclude. I feel that with this EP there is a lot to be done and a lot more the band could have done to make this more then it already is.

1 Star Rating

1. Tribulations Of Tripping
2. No White Corneas; No Colourful Irisis
3. Concrete Walls
4. Jazzy Jeff: With A Suit And A Grin
5. Rearranged At A Subatomic Level
Sean Ip – Vocals
Kyle Bains – Guitars
Chris Turner – Guitars
Nick Savoie – Bass
Kevin Emms – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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