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The Harvest Trail – Spee

The Harvest Trail
by Thomas Kumke at 15 May 2023, 8:58 AM

THE HARVEST TRAIL were formed in 2020 and they are from Perth, Australia. They are a melodic Death Metal band and released one full-length album so far. “Spee” is their debut EP and the band did the recording and mixing, while the Bergerk Studios did the mastering. The EP has a length of about 17 minutes, and it is an independent release.

The EP has a strong start with “Relapse”, which is a fast and aggressive track, with tight riffing, a lot of double-bass drumming and a few short blast-beat outbursts, build around catchy melodies. The growling vocals are around the medium end of the guttural range. “Relapse” is a kick-in-the-face track right at the start and sets the scene for the EP. It is also the official video release, and the YouTube link is given below. The title track starts with a short cinematic intro, followed by another short guitar pre-lude, introducing the melodic framework of the track. The melodies of “Spee” are epic, melancholic, and typical for a melodic Death Metal track. It is a fast song, and the vocals include a few deeper growls. Highlight is the short but contributing lead guitar solo.

Heist” starts with a piano driven pre-lude transitioning into a track at crazy speed. The guitar riffing alongside the drumming, including plenty of double-bass, drive the song forward, while the vocals follow the melodies. “Heist” is a short song, but there is still time for another very cool lead guitar solo. One feature of the EP are the pre-ludes and “Lockdown” is no exception. Another feature of the EP is the speed of the tracks and “Lockdown” certainly does not disappoint here. However, while most songs offer little changes of tempo and rhythm, “Lockdown” is different as chorus parts and the break lean more towards mid-tempo, while the verse parts are at blistering pace. The melodies have a slight melancholic note during the chorus parts of the track.

After the obligatory cinematic intro, “Manhunt” explodes into a series of aggressive riffing combined with relentless drumming at insane pace. “Manhunt” has a bit more focus on directness and aggression, less on playfulness, even though the chorus melodies and those for the break offer melancholy and gloom. The vocals fit very well to the track and Brendon Capriotti includes a few deeper growls to the track. The EP finishes with “Aftermath” and this is an instrumental with dark melodies driven by acoustic guitars supported by symphonic arrangements in the background.

THE HARVEST TRAIL deliver a good EP. “Spee” offers five fast and short melodic Death Metal tracks and one acoustic instrumental. The melodic Death Metal sound of THE HARVEST TRAIL is nothing groundbreaking new, it is largely based on traditional Scandinavian melodeath. The songs are technically comprehensive with cool melodies and the overall sound package is very promising. Highlight of the EP are the guitars. The EP is well produced. Although THE HARVEST TRAIL do not re-invent the wheel, melodic Death Metal fans will surely like “Spee” and the EP will help THE HARVEST TRAIL to establish themselves in the melodic Death Metal scene further.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Relapse
2. Spee
3. Heist
4. Lockdown
5. Manhunt
6. Aftermath
Brendon Capriotti – Vocals, Guitars
Ian Binet – Guitars
Ashley Large – Drums
Mark Klavsen – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 05 June 2023

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