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The Hell - Groovehammer

The Hell
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 15 July 2014, 4:23 PM

The heaviest matter in the universe, the "Groovehammer" has been released. If you see someone with a groovehammer you should watch out because its "probably THE motherfucking HELL." with their newest and strangest release on Prosthetic Records it is definitely an interesting release to say the least. "Groovehammer" may even be one of the strangest albums you'll hear this year if not this decade.

With vocals throughout the entire album that just sound like an angry British person, a ton of random swearing, songs that make very little sense, if they make any sense at all that is, welcome to that is THE HELL, you dick. Previously released off the album were the tracks "Everybody Dies" which is basically a song telling you something we all know, we all die. What do we do now? We all die, that's known so I guess we "might as well fuck shit up while we're alive" while listening to THE HELL. "Bangers & Mosh" was the second track released before the albums official release and honestly, who knows what this song is about? The song is heavy, catchy and consists of plenty of incredible riffs that make you want to bob your head and is definitely a single that would pull you into wanting to listen to the album. "Battleship" which is one of the last tracks on the album contains more than enough riffs throughout it to fill an entire album with yet they're all stuffed into a song barely longer than two minutes long. All the songs at the very least will increase the amount you swear with how much they do it.

Take away from this that the British are messed up and no matter what you do THE HELL will always swear at you and think you're a dick. If all this nonsense wasn't enough to make you pick up the album, the entire thing is closed off by a very interesting "top secret song" that honestly surprised the hell out of me. Funny album from British Metalcore band THE HELL "Groovehammer" will hit you right in the nose from the get go, can you last?

3 Star Rating

1. Take Me Out
2. Old Jacks, New Jacks
3. Groovehammer
4. Everybody Dies
5. Bangers & Mosh
6. We Love Dicks
7. Deal With It
8. Check This Out
9. Speed Shit Up 2
10. We Handle Shit
11. Battleship
12. Snakes
13. I'll Snap Your Fucking Head Clean Off
Nails - Vocals
Black Mist – Vocals, Guitars
Nice Guy - Vocals
Jack Hammer - Drums
Early Man - Bass
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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Edited 02 February 2023

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