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The Hellacopters – Eyes Of Oblivion Award winner

The Hellacopters
Eyes Of Oblivion
by Metal Wim at 18 April 2022, 9:07 AM

THE HELLACOPTERS are back! And I for one am rejoicing in style. I’m wearing my frilly shirt and my flair trousers, plus my high Glam Boot, whilst dancing to the happy tunes these guys are sending my way. The smile on my face couldn’t get any wider, and the air guitar I’m holding is getting abused to the limit. Yes, THE HELLACOPTERS, who were formed in 1994, and for fourteen years they have given us Melodic Sleazy Glam Rock of a very high standard. These Swedes have been able to keep all their listeners until 2008, when they felt they hat done all they could and decided to call it quits. Now, some fourteen years later, they have returned with a very pleasant offering called “Eyes Of Oblivion”. If you have read everything so far, you realise their seven-year itch is double the time, fourteen years. I’m just hoping that it will take another fourteen years before they have those urges again. If, in the meantime, they are able to cough out records just as fine as “Eyes Of Oblivion”, then I will be as happy as a pig in muck.

Because, yes, this is good. The easy listening and very addictive sounds and voices on the album give it the same kind of feel that the great Glam Bands of the seventy’s used to have. This has some SWEET, SLADE, TRIGGER and such in spades, but also a little bit of a RAMONES like punky vibe. For the latter, just listen to “Beguiled”. It is simply captivating. But the most impressive song on the album for me has to be “Positively Not Knowing”, and the reason for that is very simple; the voices. Let me explain. When recording an album, especially the singer does more takes than required, just so the producer can pick the best one of them all. Well, here they have opted to use two of them, and use them side by side. You will hear Nicke Andersson coming out of both speakers at the same time. As it is just one man singing, a lot of the tones are exactly the same, but there’s also a lot that is just marginally different, giving “Positively Not Knowing” just that bit of extra. Brilliant.

So, to say that I am happy with the return of THE HELLACOPTERS and their new album “Eyes Of Oblivion” might be a slight understatement. I love it to bits and am going to have another dance and song. Cheers!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Reap A Hurricane
2. Can it Wait
3. So Sorry I Could Die
4. Eyes Of Oblivion
5. A Plow And A Doctor
6. Positively Not Knowing
7. Tin Foil Soldier
8. Beguiled
9. The Pressure’s On
10. Try Me Tonight
Robert Erickson - Drums
Dregen – Guitar
Anders Lindström - Keys
Nicke Andersson - Guitar & Vocals
Dolf de Borst - Bass
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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