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The Hysteria - Trojan Horse

The Hysteria
Trojan Horse
by Stephanie Hensley at 01 August 2013, 12:00 PM

Are you in the mafia and need a new album to torture your victims with? Let’s face it; by now METALLICA’s “Lulu” has gotten old, hasn’t it? Or maybe you have neighbors you’d like to really annoy. Maybe you have forgotten the head shattering pain of a migraine and for shits and giggles want to revisit such an event. Well you are in luck. THE HYSTERIA has a new EP that is sure to torment the living shit out of everyone within earshot.

I tried. I really, really tried to be objective about “The Trojan Horse” EP. I am sure they have a lot of fans that really love their music. The problem for me was that every time I listened to it, I got a splitting headache. Excedrin is probably thankful for this release and subsequent review. Thankfully this was only an EP.

“Letter To God” starts off with an odd collection of sound clips. That was cool, until about 1:30 into the song the actual music kicks in and it turns to crap.  “Revolution In Our Hearts, Revolution In Your Hands” is a long track with so many timing changes, it’s a complete clusterfuck. “Trojan Horse” and “Pornstar” are both just chaotic messes. “Black Cat Wailing At the Moon” is perhaps the most aptly named track.

If Mathcore, mixed with experimental, mixed with complete and utter chaos is your thing, this will be an album for you. Should that sound like a bit too much, you might find yourself listening to a train wreck, wondering just what the hell is going on. Finding no redeeming qualities; no melody, no sense in the madness, I was unable to give it a higher rating. The vocals sound like someone put his penis in a meat grinder then handed him a microphone. The music is all over the place, and changes so abrupt it’s easy to get lost. There’s no catchy drumbeat, no awesome guitar riffs, just chaos for the sake of chaos with screamo vocals. Skip this.

1 Star Rating

1. Letter to God
2. Revolution In Our Hearts, Revolution In Your Hands
3. Trojan Horse
4. Black Cat Wailing At the Moon
5. Pornstar
Victor - Vocals
Medic - Guitar
Spider – Guitar
Wally – Bass
Record Label: Memorial Records


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