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The Iniquity Descent - The Human Apheresis

The Iniquity Descent
The Human Apheresis
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 23 July 2012, 2:01 PM

Did you ever hear the story of the Chinese villager and the dragon? It’s a very good story. In it, this simple Chinese villager lives a very simplistic life. He farms his own land and lives by his own toil and hard-work. One day, a dickhead dragon flies into the village and asks for a bowl of noodles. No one in the village makes good noodles, except the old farmer who grows all his own noodles by the sweat of his own brow and kung fu.

So the dragon swiftly flies to the old villagers home and demands some noodles. The old man kindly offers the dragon some noodles, and the dragon promptly eats them. The dragon, still hungry, demands more. So the old man, always a charitable pussy, obliges the dragon, and prepares as big a bowl of noodles as his little Chinese arms will let him. The dragon swigs down all the noodles in one gigantic gulp, and is still hungry. But the old man tries telling the dragon that he doesn’t have any left, for the asshole of a dragon ate his entire supply.

The dragon, in a rage, breathed a giant wall of fire and burned all the Chinese man’s crops to ash, and then quickly does the same to his home. The dragon scoops up the Chinese man and holds him tightly with its Dragon kung-fu grip. When the old man asks why, after feeding the dragon all he possibly could, did it feel the urge to destroy everything the man owned? The dragon, in a surprisingly unexpected turn of wisdom, eloquently informs the villager, “It’s not that bad, at least I didn’t make you listen to THE INIQUITY DESCENT.” The Chine man, realizing the truth to this, peacefully carried on with the rest of his life, able to withstand knowing his entire family was horribly burned to death, because such a terrible fate was little to having to hear the entirety of “The Human Apheresis”.

To summarize, it’s another of those shitty Black Metal bands that appeals to idiots who think that MAYHEM was the most amazing band ever because one the band members shot himself. Well, to hell with those people – not that they would despise that idea. 

2 Star Rating

1. In Prostation
2. An Empty Temple
3. The Human Apheresis
4. Obedience Torn
5. Collector vs Protector
6. Believers in the Apotheosis
7. Decimate Disintegrate
8. Trust the Serpent
9. The Invisible
10. Infected
P. Kerbs– Guitars
M. Mannstroem– Guitars
Mathias Lillmans– Vocals
Jonas Frilund– Bass
K. Nygard- Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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