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The Interbeing - Among the Amorphous

The Interbeing
Among the Amorphous
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 03 July 2017, 9:17 AM

Denmark’s THE INTERBEING present their long-awaited sophomore album “Among The Amorphous;” concept album as a continuation from their first album, “Edge of the Obscure.” Sporting a Modern Industrial/Futuristic/Electronica sound, “Among the Amorphous” sees “The Interbeing awaken in the dark of the obscure, and is drawn into the world of the amorphous. He is summoned by his creators who want to purify him. He recalls his past, and is torn between the strain of his makers and his own individuality. After facing the formless and being purged, he rebels and discovers that he has become something unexpected and unlike his founders. With his singularity, he forms his own fate, among the amorphous.”

“Spiral into Existence” hears the subject awaken and begin to challenge his purpose. The music is heavy, thudding and impactful, with Industrial vocals and electronica churning at every turn. Everything turns together in unison, like a factory of molten steel shaping robots that rise to life after formation. “Deceptive Signal” is a warning siren, beckoning the subject to find clarity and rejuvenate himself with resolve. The clean vocals in the chorus cut some of the sterility of the Industrial sounds. “Sins of the Mechanical” is a little darker in scope. The Interbeing begins to rebel and renounce his makers. The song contains a lot of distortion, from guitars, vocals and programming alike. It creates a buzz that gets into your head and infects you. In “Borderline Human,” he begins to recognize his duality as man and machine. It has a punchy rhythm, and vocals that are chilling and piercing. You begin to sense the grandiosity of the coming transformation.

“Purge the Deviant” hears the subject awaiting his fate and purification. The vocals scream out at times, while other times remain subdued, much as The Interbeing wants to lash out but not give away his leanings. “Cellular Synergy” had but two lyric lines…”purify the deviant, this fire’s killing me.” The computer generated female voice sounds like she is processing orders, to detailed specifications. Once the wheels are in motion there is no going back. In “Enigmatic Circuits,” he talks about “I am unchanged, I stay unchanging.” It’s a mid-tempo song with some discord but doesn’t really get off the ground like some of the others. Fortunately, “Pinnacle of the Strain” picks up the ball and runs with it. Here The Interbeing’s resolve sees his rebellion take full shape. The supporting instrumentation takes on a hasty groove, as the vocals shout overtop, conveying the pent up emotions he has inside on this journey. “Sum of Singularity” has more of a declarative sound, as changing guitar riffs and a weighted bottom end lead the subject to his final transformation. “Counter circuits entwined, forming friction of descent…I am re-defined.”

“Among the Amorphous” is the final result. In the short, one-minute song, the lyric lines sum up the movement with “the lines of existence assemble and complete…creating a juncture dispersed in my frame.” Overall the concept album is good, and there is a strong connection from the story to the music. Overly accessible melodies usually do not accompany this style of music and I wasn’t expecting it to be that way, but at times the too sterile approach of the music and unilateral vocals kept some of the tracks bogged down in a moderately unstimulating sound, that lacked dynamism here and there. This could have been better with a wider array of emotions.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Spiral into Existence
2. Deceptive Signal
3. Sins of the Mechanical
4. Borderline Human
5. Purge the Deviant
6. Cellular Synergy
7. Enigmatic Circuits
8. Pinnacle of the Strain
9. Sum of Singularity
10. Among the Amorphous
Dara Toibin – Vocals
Jacob Hansen – Bass
Boas Segel - Guitars/Programming
Torben Pedersen - Guitars/Vocals
Kristoffer Egefelt – Drums
Record Label: Long Branch Records


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