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The Isolation Process - The Isolation Process

The Isolation Process
The Isolation Process
by Daniel Fox at 09 December 2013, 4:51 PM

Admittedly, I'm still somewhat of a novice when it comes to perusings into Doom Metal, but alas, I try my best. THE ISOLATION PROCESS are a 3-piece Alternative Metal band from Sweden, with albeit obvious Doom Metal influences who are about to release their self-titled debut. At a quick listen, the album reminds me a little of LACUNA COIL, CANDLEMASS, and at some times, even AMORPHIS. The music is not fast, brutal, soaring, technical, nor obviously melodic. Its music stripped down to its bare bones, which are audibly trying to rise above the tide. Not to say it's a bad album; far from it. It is a metaphor I chose to use because of how easily this emotion is evoked in the music.

The first track, "A Simple Gesture", is, technically, a relatively simple track. It consists of a hypnotically heavy, but drudgingly slow chugged riff, that is inescapably Doom-like, feeding into powerful and spacey chords in the chorus. I liken Thomas vocals to that of the cleans of Jari Mäenpää (Wintersun) and, in places, Tomi Joutsen (AMORPHIS). Like most doom I've heard, this song aims to drown one in its dirge, and no matter how widespread the cliché, it works perfectly. The track immediately following is “Visions”, however this track employs an almost completely different sound. I hear a lot more groove in the track; possible leanings towards Alternative or Groove Metal, and in general the music and vocals sound much more upbeat; anger, as opposed to sadness, if you will. What I enjoyed the most were some musical nods that, I feel, were to TOOL. Maybe it was the deliciously distorted bass.

Speaking of TOOL, I am instantly reminded of frontman Maynard's other band, A PERFECT CIRCLE, when I hear “The Dead End”. Again leaning towards alt metal tendencies, I am hearing some Prog Rock shine through this track, in the (what I feel to be) unusual, but effective, chord progressions. I am especially reminded of Maynard by the vocal style used on this track, in particular on the chorus; it's quite difficult to create audible feelings with one's voice that emanates innumerable emotions. That is the vibe I get from listening to TOOL and A PERFECT CIRCLE, and I find this same vibe again in THE ISOLATION PROCESS. The final track on the album is quite a monster at over 9 minutes. Unless you're an enormous fan of this kind of music, you may find yourself skipping through; 4 to 5 minutes is fine, but 9, for me, allows for too much repetitiveness in the passages.

This album is certainly decent. Not for everyone, but decent. The mixing is top-notch, and the band is seemingly experienced with minimalism. Given the progressive undertones I hear in this album, I would not be surprised to hear even better, more diverse material on their next endeavor.

3 Star Rating

1. A Simple Gesture
2. Visions
3. Underneath It All
4. Inhale
5. Victims of the Masses
6. The Dead End
7. Exhale
8. It Will Burn
9. Nothing To Collect
Thomas Henrikkson – Guitar, Vocals
Anders Carlström – Bass
Patrik Juutilainen – Drums
Record Label: Version Studio Records


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