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The Jasser Arafats - The Aftermath

The Jasser Arafats
The Aftermath
by Yassine "SpiritCrusher" Mankai at 18 November 2013, 6:41 PM

Death Metal in Finland is among the most Metal genres played especially in the melodic forms. My discovery this time is located in these northern lands of Europe; this discovery is called THE JASSER ARAFATS, a Death Thrash Metal band with a multi influence backgrounds.

The release of their debut album "Condemnation" back in 2010 was an opportunity for the specialized media and the fans to discover this young band, but before proceeding to the second album, they preferred to release an EP entitled "Aftermath" with 4 track and 15 minutes of time. The style of the EP is a Death / Thrash Metal with many influences, you can feel the sound of LAMB OF GOD and MACHINE HEAD, but at the same time we can think of AT THE GATES and IN FLAMES. The young Finnish quintet’s style is difficult to classify, in fact after a few listens of the EP, I cannot find an exact definition of that sound. The compositions are very strong and guitarists give much attention to the arrangements and the technical side. The riffs are melodic one hand and very dark on the one hand, with grooves and poly-rhythms relatively complex. "Koma" and "Traitors", the first two tracks of this EP engage in a heavy atmosphere, but with "Doomsday Declaration" and "The Aftermath" the picture changes somewhat. Indeed, it is the turn of the Thrash side the band to appear, Blast beats are more direct and repetitive. For me the song "The Aftermath" is the most fascinating with several variations in voice of Jari Kurki alternating between screams and growls. It is an EP with plenty of dynamism and diversity and demonstrates that a new style of modern Metal is being created.

If you are a worshiper of pure grooves and heavy distortion, I highly recommend this EP for you.

4 Star Rating

1. Koma
2. Traitors
3. Doomsday Declaration
4. The Aftermath
S. Hautamäki - Bass
Jack O Hell - Drums
J. Liukkonen - Guitars
Max Pekkonen - Guitars
Jari Kurki - Vocals
Record Label: Violent Journey Records


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