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The Kentish Spires - Sprezzatura Award winner

The Kentish Spires
by Mike "Bitchin" Bourgeois at 17 September 2019, 5:06 PM

When I first played THE KENTISH SPIRES opening piece "Overture" I mistakenly thought I might have opened my DAVE BRUBECK folder accidently. Nope, that mid-century jazz feel was the real thing being pushed through my speakers. Now thoroughly confused by what I'm listening to the next song starts, "A Sea Shanty", and it's an actual sea shanty, with Chris Egan's recorder and all! Lucie Vox has the perfect voice for this modern day version.

Back to smooth jazz when "Don't Shoot the Albatross" starts with the title being the only phrase repeated during the quasi-instrumental. (IRON MAIDEN has taught us what happens when albatross is killed) Danny Chang and Rik Loveridge show off their talent as both keyboards and guitars provide not only a brilliant backdrop for the soprano sax solo, but beautifully step to the forefront with their own.

"Horsa From Beyond the Grave" had me back in the sixties, imagining I'm at a club, whisky in hand, enjoying live music while a man in a tux is providing a light for my cigar. The composition is stunning and nostalgic but yet still feeling modern. Well done!

The "Tale of Three Lovers" Trilogy begins with the ballad "Wishing Well" and starts off with vocals and guitars, both acoustic and electric, and then wonders off into a clarinet solo that finishes it off.

James Hall's drums and Phil Warren's bass open the albums first real rock song, "You Better Shut Your Mouth" with features a xylophone which surprisingly I just recently heard while listening to FRANK ZAPPA's "The Black Page" That's the truth, ask my brother who I shared the link with. I'll be telling him about this too. "Never Tell On You" continues with the mellow tones familiar in this album. It's also a showcase of Danny Chang's production skills. (Here is an exquisite exception to my "never produce your own material" rule) The multi-tracking of Lucie's harmonies were perfectly mixed and allowed her to showcase her range.

Closing with "The Long Goodbye" was a wonderful way to end it, with the song slowly building to climax that wasn't harsh or in your face in any way that would distract from the overall flavor of this CD.

If you're sitting around looking for something completely different, you can't go wrong with THE KENTISH SPIRES "Sprezzatura". Warm and welcoming, smooth and groovy, it shows that great musicians can impress, regardless of personal preference of genre. So to all you Metalheads out there, give it a spin, it might inspire something new in your music.

Songwriting:                10
Originality:                  10
Memorability:             10
Production:                  10

5 Star Rating

1. Overture (instrumental)
2. A Sea Shanty
3. Don't Shoot The Albatross
4. Horsa From beyond The Grave
Tale Of Three Lovers ( A Trilogy)
5. Wishing Well
6. You Better Shut Your Mouth
7. Never tell On You
8. The Long Goodbye
Lucie Vox - Vocals / Violin
Danny Chang - Producer, Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Phil Warren - Bass
Rik Loveridge - Keyboards, Guitar
James Hall - Drums / Percussion
Chris Egan - Woodwinds
Record Label: Independent


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