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The Lion’s Daughter - Future Cult Award winner

The Lion’s Daughter
Future Cult
by Eric Poulin at 06 August 2018, 6:46 PM

THE LION’S DAUGHTER is a progressive/sludge metal band based out of St-Louis, Missouri who formed back in 2007. Since then the band has released 2 Eps, 2 split albums and 2 full-length albums before this release. This album is entitled “Future Cult”, released through the famous Season of Mist label, back on July 20 2018. It comprises 10 tracks and a little over 37 minutes of music.

Future Cult” starts off immediately with synth effects and guitar riffing reminiscent of FATES WARNING, the keyboard presence here is undeniable, it is definitely at the forefront amidst repetitive yet effective drumming parts. The point of the song is resonance and it achieves that goal to perfection. The vocals hit you like a ton of bricks, and I can see two clear influences in them, NEUROSIS and HATEBREED.

The song is simply an interlude that brings us to “Call the Midnight Animal” again very synth-based in its intro but this time, has some added punchy bass groove piercing through your headphones or speakers. Another surprise here is the transition into black metal blast beats entwined with low-tone guitars in the background. The intensity here is off the charts, it is like a mix of New Orleans blues/metal like DOWN or EYEHATEGOD immersed in the depths of frostbitten black metal. The electronic element adds a lot to the atmosphere of the song, as if you were stuck in a dark abyss.

Die Into Us” follows the same intro pattern with the user of the keyboards, almost ELDRITCH-like in essence. The key element here is the very aggressive vocals, which could definitely fit well in any “hardcore” band but here they are a key tool at expressing anger and despair. I would say in some parts, these guys are flirting with industrial metal but with solos and fast picking styles.

Suicide Market” is a pounding piece, very loud and heavy, which does have some resemblances to early 2000s IN FLAMES, but the way it serves us cold chaos is much more akin to luminaries DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN or any project involving MIKE PATTON. As the title would suggest it is a very dark atmospheric piece of music that conveys the emotion of despair and depression very well. “The Gown” has a different approach with bass lines and cleaner guitars to open up the song and even some acoustic elements. It is a completely different vibe from any of the previous songs and even with its short length, a masterpiece of a song.

Grease Infant” follows the trend of some of the other songs but this time a little more high pitch in the keyboards. The contrast is stronger than ever in the tones used for the atmospheres and the vocals. “Galaxy Ripper” has a great introduction with nice rhythmic patterns and sounds like a cross between DEAD CROSS and ISIS because it packs a lot of power in two completely different speeds. By far one of my favorite tracks on the album. “Tragedy” sounds like the end of a NEUROSIS album as if the listener has finally reached the shore after going through a very tumultuous journey through the depths of the sea. The final track “In The Flesh” is the apex of violence on the album with SLAYER-like shredding, and a wall of noise created by the guitars and the drums and at times reminds me of SOILENT GREEN.

If you want the perfect dose of violence, groove, atmosphere and crushing sludge metal, look no further than this album. It delivers on absolutely every level.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Future Cult
2. Call the Midnight Animal
3. Die Into Us
4. Suicide Market
5. The Gown
6. Grease Infant
7. Galaxy Ripper
8. Tragedy
9. Girl Autopsy
10. In the Flesh
Erik Ramsier - Drums
Scott Fogelbach - Guitars, Bass
Rick Giordano - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Season of Mist


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