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The Lu Silver Spring Band - Rock 'N Roll is Here to Stay

The Lu Silver String Band
Rock 'N Roll is Here to Stay
by Dani Bandolier at 12 March 2020, 2:13 PM

Spaghetti rockers THE LU SILVER STRING BAND (2010) is the project of solo artist Lu Silver located in the commune of Cesena, Italy near the Adriatic coastal cities of Rimini, Pesaro and Cesenatico.  These dudes are blooze rockers. Lead vocalist Lu Silver (I say old chap, I see what you did there…Lu-sil-ver) has a great voice and an ear for melody and harmony. From their FaceBook page, “This album is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives chasing their dreams, hand in hand with their own demons.” Mate, you are singing to the choir.

“It’s Difficult” opens with a revved-up drum beat aping “Rock and Roll All Nite (And Party Every Day)”. This is one fast blooze-punk shuffle and does not waste a beat – you may be able to smoke an unfiltered Camel in about the same time this song plays to the end. “Hard Road” is a whiskey roadhouse banger, a solicitous little ditty kneeling at the “High Voltage” temple of AC/DC. “Miss Sugar” track #3 starts out nasty ,sneaking a smoke in the garage and and folds in a sweet MONKEES style made for television chorus. Toucheé.  “We Are Monkeys” is a fun tune that kneels into the music and puts Lu out in front of the groove. Bloody hell, what a song title. My Grampa would appreciate it … he used to look at me and my dreads and tell me “dem monkey jus run uppa dem tree” to .. uh .. well whatever.

“I Got You” is a slow burner ballad. I like it. “No More Time” is a quite serviceable bloozey rawker in a BLACK CROWES vein and is where ‘ROCK ‘N ROLL IS HERE TO STAY’ finds its surest footing.  Some of the songs tend to drive at punk tune rates but this tune gets to a boil and shows steam in letting the groove develop to the finale.  “Radio Star” high-steps along jauntily with the chorus night-capping a blooze guitar hook.  “In a Broken Dream” is a another serviceable ballad with a lead guitar hammer-down passage. “Reputation” works well. The guitars and bass and drums all get on the same page and throw down. “The Sky Turns Blue” again turns on a slow burn BLACK  CROWES vibe and rawks good.

ROCK ‘N ROLL IS HERE TO STAY’ is a sho ‘nuff lively release and reminds me of ‘SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER’ era BLACK CROWES. There are a few times on this release where I want to send a note to production telling the lads to gear it down a couple of beats. There is a wee bit of a hurry here in places. Some of the songs could drop the blues guitar contrivance and go straight power chord punk rock and hit the musical bullseye. At times the lead guitar punches in with rather off-the-shelf phrasing.  When the tempo downshifts on ‘ROCK ‘N ROLL IS HERE TO STAY’ and allows the song to breath deeper is when Lu and the band pass the rock’n roll peace pipe to this pilgrim’s ears. Have a listen to THE LU SILVER STRING BAND. These guys are doing a genre that is not easy to do and doing it good.

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Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. It’s Difficult
2. Hard Road
3. Miss Sugar
4. We Are Monkeys
5. I Got You
6. No More Time
7. Radio Star
8. In a Broken Dream
9. Reputation
10. The Sky Turns Blue
Lu Silver - Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Harp, Drums
El Xicano - Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Alex Tedesco - Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Matt Drive - Drums and Percussion
Record Label: Go Down Records


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