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The Lurking Corpses - Workin’ For the Devil Award winner

The Lurking Corpses
Workin’ For the Devil
by Alex Blaza at 20 September 2014, 10:00 AM

Well let me just say that this band are so much better to listen to than the previous band I was asked to review earlier mainly because the production quality was superior in every way, shape and form; you could hear the guitars, bass, drums and vocals; which is brilliant especially when I saw their video for "The Leech and The Worm" because that song is tremendous.

What I really love about this album is the artwork; it has five characters; who I presume to be each five of the band members in a fiery desolate place which I can only guess is hell or the UK if the conservatives are still in power after next year. What people do not seem to realize is album artwork is essential to a bands album success. It is one of the reasons why certain bands are as big as they are e.g. IRON MAIDEN with their mascot Eddie or CANNIBAL CORPSE with their extremely graphic and controversial artwork.

Every song you hear on this album has brilliant production quality. I take my hat off to the producer who recorded this album and especially the person who mixed it in when mixing the album because mixing an album or E.P is an art, I know because I have done it many times at university and a producer must always try and get the best possible sound he can when recording an album.

But what about the songs; well they are all pretty bloody awesome, especially the introduction track which is also the title track. Also the tracks "In Hell I wait for you", "Dead Fuck" and the track "The Leech and the Worm". The great thing about this album is that it was not at all boring to listen to; some albums have a good opening track but the one or two songs in and it just gets tedious and dull to listen to e.g. METALLICA'S "Death Magnetic" was pretty damn boring to listen to even though I like three of the ten tracks on that album i.e. "Broken Beat and Scarred", "The Day That Never Comes" and "All Nightmare Long" and every DREAM THEATER album, they are really boring usually after listening to one of their albums my hair has grown another inch but I am not here to review them, I am here to review "Workin' For The Devil". But I can honestly say that my favourite track on this album was the last track where they covered SLAYER'S "Tormentor" from the "Show No Mercy" album. I love that song in fact I love that album as I do own it on vinyl and you know you are good when you cover a SLAYER song and you don’t have me shouting ‘F****** A********’ at the bands name.

So I would happily give this band a hearty 9/10, for the great songs on the album, the great artwork, the musicianship and the production. The reason why it is not 10/10 is simply because there wasn’t a song on there that made the hairs on my arms stand on edge; which is the feeling I get when I hear a song or album that is truly great. Only four bands have ever done it and they are BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, SLAYER and PANTERA. So if THE LURKING CORPSES are reading this I would like to say KEEP UP THE F****** GOOD WORK!!!!!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Workin' For The Devil
2. The Gate
3. The Leech And The Worm
4. Tonight
5. Blind Dead Arise
6. She's Alone Again
7. Dead Fuck
8. Lady Frankenstein
9. You're Dead
10. Love Fades Away
11. No One Will
12. In Hell (I Wait For You)
13. Christina Is Dead
14. The Legend Of The Swamp Hag
15. Tormentor (Slayer Cover)
The Nameless Horror - Bass
Friar Frightengale - Drums
Saint Legions the Six - Guitars
Cousin Eerie - Guitars
Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul - Vocals
Record Label: Hell's Headbangers Records


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