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The Machinery Of Other Skeletons - Beyond The Circular Award winner

The Machinery Of Other Skeletons
Beyond The Circular
by Lauryn Plummer at 16 October 2014, 1:44 PM

There seems to be a breakthrough with metal bands that don’t originate from America or England, but they are still musically talented. This is no exception from the victorious five coming from Shanghai, Hong Kong. Be prepared for a Death Metal, Groove Metal and Speed Metal battle with your ears.

Starting off at the beginning with “Caged” you don’t even get a slow start. Its right in your face, like Hi, we’re five guys from China, listen to this. You certainly hear the Groove Metal/Death Metal vibe from the start. It’s a fast paced song, I must admit Ivan Belcics vocals are definitely something to find interesting. Next we have “Enervate” another fast paced track, there isn’t much slowing down with these guys, so start catching up. My compliments do go to the drummer Sam Gregory, his talents are definitely shown through the whole of the record. Throughout the second track you hear the fast pace till the solo comes and slows it down you can certainly hear the Groove Metal genre seep through before returning to the fast pace.

Thirdly we have “Boss Fight”, starting with slower than usual riff from the talented guitarist, till it once again returns to the fast paced track. Gradually throughout the track you hear a riff/solo that goes along with the melody, this is new? Then there is an unexpected break in the middle of the song, it slows it all down before finishing off the track with a melodic riff. It’s a great ending to a song, done by the guitarists Brian Murdock and Maomao. Continuing with the face paced momentum we have “MQB”, bringing out the Speed Metal in this track for definite. Although it’s the shortest song out of all five, the talent continues to shine through. I mean Ivans growls are something to remember let me tell you that for a fact. Along with the growling, you can’t forget another brilliant melodic riff throughout the rest the song. Finally we finish of with the longest track out  the five “Blackness”, well it is much slower than all the others, but yet from start to finished the song is packed with riffs, drum fills, heavy vocals and interesting solo’s. This is certainly one goo d Groove Metal/ Death Metal record.

4 Star Rating

1. Caged
2. Enervate
3. Boss Fight
4. MQB
5. Blackness
Ivan Belcic – Vocals
Brian Murdock – Guitar
Maomao – Guitar
Hans von Meister – Bass
Sam Gregory – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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