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The Meatmen - Savage Sagas Award winner

The Meatmen
Savage Sagas
by Danny Sanderson at 05 August 2014, 9:44 PM

Calling all Punk enthusiasts! A legend of the scene has finally returned with a new album after two decades away from the scene. Well, in a way. These guys have been a mainstay in the Punk scene for a long time, and feature some of the scenes most enigmatic and eccentric characters, none less so than the band's front man Tesco Vee. Right from the first note, this album is mired in the tropes and signatures of the 80's Hardcore scene. Listening to this album, you'd be forgiven for assuming that it had been plucked out of the back catalogue of any given band circulating on the East Coast scene circa 1981. It isn't intentionally nostalgic, but this cue to that era definitely aids the album and makes it enjoyable.

This album is comprised of some really straight forward Punk Rock and Rock 'n' Roll. No frills. No pretensions. "I'm Gonna Fuck You Up" is a great example of this band's sound and ethos; It's harsh, in your face, and above all, it's intense. It has the attitude of THE DWARVES, the aggression of GG ALLIN, and the politically driven angst of early EXPLOITED. This album is full of some quality Punk tunes, and shows that these guys haven't lost it at all in the twenty year interim. Tracks such as "Anna Moose", "K K K" and  Although this is, in essence, there's a lot on display here to appeal to your average Metalhead; Songs like "Death Rig 9000" will have all the metallers moving for sure. The hilarious "Ballad of Stinky Penis" completely departs from the outright Punk assault into a weirdly timed number that is carried by the lyrics, suitably about an unfortunate gent with… well, a stinky penis. The relentlessly Thrashy "Speed Kills (But It Sho' Feels Good)" sound exactly like the sort of song that MUNICIPAL WASTE or GAMA BOMB would be proud to call their own. In fact, that is the best way to describe this album overall; it's the Punk equivalent of WASTE's "The Art of Partying". It's an album that's designed for good times and excessive alcohol consumption. Although I prefer my Punk more towards the DISCHARGE/EXPLOITED end of the scale, it's incredibly hard not to like this album. They incorporate elements from across the Rock spectrum, from straight up Punk, to Thrash, and even, on the last proper track of the album ("Wizards of the Oblivion") Doom and Stoner, there will be at least one song on this album that you will love.

This is a great return for these Punk legends, and I'd definitely recommend this one to not just Punk fans, but also people from the wider Rock community, in particular Thrash fans. It's the spirit and no fuck's given attitude of Punk perfectly captured in all its raw, snarling glory.

4 Star Rating

1. Men O' Meat
2. Dinosaur
3. I'm Gonna Fuck You Up
4. Pisse Hot for Weed
5. Death Rig 9000
6. Anna Moose
7. K K K
8. The Ballad of Stinky Penis
9. The Dwarves Are the Second Greatest Band in the World
10. They Just Don't Make 'Em anymore
11. Shecky Presents…
12. It's Amateur Night at Uncle Bux Bikini Club
13. Speed Kills (But It Sho Feels Good)
14. Big Bloody Booger on the Bathroom Wall
15. Billy's Birthday Surprise
16. Rock 'n' Roll Enema
17. Pork Chop and a .22
18. 12" Soft
19. Wizards of the Oblivion
20. The Guy
Tesco Vee - Vocals
Danny Dirtbag - Guitars
Hindu Kush - Bass
Swarthy "Bun-Length" Franklin - Drums
Record Label: Self-Destructo Records


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