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The Megs - Awakening

The Megs
by Jeff Legg at 18 July 2014, 7:35 AM

THE MEGS are a traditional hard rock band from Italy that entered 2014 with one full-length album (“Jealousy”-2011) and an EP (“Start”-2013) under their belt.  And now with the release of “Awakening”, they add their third release and second full-length album to the fold.

Consisting of Federico Travaglia on vocals and bass, Mattia Aldibeck on guitars and backing vocals, David Visin on guitars and backing vocals, and Manuel Mormina on drums, this straightforward rock n’ roll band are one that is not easily categorized into a particular genre of music. At times they sound like an indie band, other times they have almost a modern doom sound but mainly they give off a radio friendly, pop rock feel. All in all, they just straight-up rock.

“Awakening” is a musical hodgepodge that really doesn’t sound like anyone else in particular but really delivers a pretty good listen if you want something new to rock out to. If you’re looking for a super group or festival headlining band, you won’t find it here. THE MEGS offer up no superstars or modern day rock gods in this band but all four guys are really solid musicians. Travaglia’s vocals are more than adequate for this type of music and the guitar tracks are good enough to be considered standout. For me though, the real stars of the show are Travaglia’s bass tracks and Mormina on drums. But without a distinct sound that is instantly recognizable, they could get lost in the mountains of music being released by the slew of bands popping up everywhere these days, as technology has made it more and more easy to release anything and everything from anyone calling themselves a band. Regarding their sound, I’ll give you a few things that I took away from this album. Their sound has little to no fuzz or distortion, no screaming, and could be described as something reminiscent of the radio-rock sound of the late 80’s to early 90’s. Way back when, this album would have an easier road to becoming a pretty successful release, but with the current state of the music industry, it will be really difficult for “Awakening” to gain enough traction to put this band on the map.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like this album and personally feel like these guys have enough talent to have an extensive catalog when it’s all said and done. But the rock n’ roll business has become so hard for bands like THE MEGS to succeed and it’s more important than ever for the real fans of hard rock to support them. If you like straight forward rock n’ roll, do your part and buy “Awakening”.

3 Star Rating

1. What I Would Like
2. Follow The White Rabbit
3. Rain of Sand
4. Blackout
5. My Time
6. Take Me to Heaven
7. Become Nothing To Me
8. Apache
9. Govern Is To Believe
10. Ink Flower
Federico Travaglia– Vocals, Bass
Mattia Aldibeck – Guitar, Vocals
David Visin – Guitar,Vocals
Manuel Mormina – Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Publishing


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