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The Memphis 77 - Get Alive Award winner

The Memphis 77
Get Alive
by Samantha Lynn Ham at 03 June 2013, 11:24 AM

As someone who grew up in South Mississippi, the home of Elvis Presley (the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll), I believe that Rock ‘n’ Roll has received its first true revival. And to the Finnish Rock ‘n’ Roll band THE MEMPHIS 77 I said, challenge accepted! They formed in 2009, with different members in the quartet. But throughout the last few years their lineup has changed. And they have truly suffered some major obstacles on the path to happiness. Four years later, they are back and they are ready to take us all by storm!

This EP "Get Alive" was amazing from the get go! It definitely had the energy that someone like Elvis Presley would have appreciated. And to be honest, I wanted more! They do plan on touring and lengthening their EP into a full blown album. And for this I cannot wait. I could say that for me, listening enjoyment-wise, they are up here with DICK DYNAMITE and the DOPPLEGANGERS, which is one of my ten favorite bands.

The only issue with this EP, which THE MEMPHIS 77 could easily fix, is they kind of lost me on the fourth track "Back to Where it Started". It kind of seemed to be all over the place. The other three tracks seemed to be put together so well, and had a centered dynamism. It didn’t take away from the overall pleasure of this musical experience, mind you. It was a slight annoyance, nothing too big.

I highly recommend this band to all. I say help them carry on with their goal, and make this EP into their first full length album.

4 Star Rating

1. Small Time Lovers
2. No Buddy
3. Get a Life ( and Fucking Die)
4. Back to Where It Started
Pete South – Vocals / Guitar
Sammy Lee - Drums
Jimmy Scissors - Guitar/ Backing vocals
Paul Graven - Bass/ Backing Vocals
Record Label: Inverse Records


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