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The Milestones - Higher Mountain, Closer Sun

The Milestones
Higher Mountain, Closer Sun
by Andrew Sifari at 23 May 2014, 11:27 PM

Twenty years is a long time for a band to be playing, but the sound on Finnish rockers THE MILESTONES’ fourth album, 2014’s “Higher Mountain, Closer Sun” harkens back to an even further back time, back in the glory days of 60's / 70's Rock N' Roll with bands like AC/DC, LED ZEPPELIN, and THIN LIZZY. THE MILESTONES, formed in 1994, play no-frills, feel-good Hard Rock that sounds fresh and original while maintaining the presence of their classic roots.

“Higher Mountain, Closer Sun” is chock-full of catchy tunes that are, quite frankly, hard to shake. While they aren’t quite as powerful as some of the works of the aforementioned bands, songs like “Walking Trouble”, “Drivin’ Wheel”, and “Sweet Sounds” exude a kind of driving, free-spirited vibe that is sure to lift your spirits. Olavi Tikka has a bit of Bon Scott in his voice that AC/DC fans could appreciate, with a similar swagger in his delivery as he and the rest of the band confidently rip through their brand of electrified Blues-Rock, and his harmonica playing is also quite entertaining. The band’s playing, especially the guitars of Marko Kiviluoma and Tomi Julkunen, is excellent throughout, and each track has a distinct feel to it, which makes for as varied and interesting a listen the fourth and fifth times through as the first.

There isn’t a single bad track here. The bluesy “Shalalalovers” struts along confidently, as does the cocky yet groovy “Damn”. “Grateful” reminds me a bit of another tasteful ballad, “High Flyer” by UFO, with its soft acoustic guitars and soulful lyrics. Other standout tracks include the nostalgic “Looking Back For Yesterday”, “It’s All Right”, “You”, and the grand, uplifting “Oh My Soul”.

“Higher Mountain, Closer Sun” is, overall, a very strong album. The band offer few surprises but many memorable moments across the record’s eleven tracks, all of which deliver in their own, satisfying way. THE MILESTONES do not sound like just another “throwback” band; they sound like they actually did come straight from the seventies, in the best possible way. Whether you’re in a bad mood and need a pick-me-up, or are simply looking for some tunes to jam to while enjoying your beverage of choice with some friends, “Higher Mountain, Closer Sun” works great for either, as well as everything in between, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys quality Rock N' Roll.

4 Star Rating

1. Walking Trouble
2. Shalalalovers
3. Drivin’ Wheel
4. Oh My Soul
5. Grateful
6. Sweet Sounds
7. It’s All Right
8. You
9. Looking Back For Yesterday
10. Damn
11. Fool Me
Olavi Tikka – Vocals, Harmonica
Tomi Julkunen – Guitar
Marko Kiviluoma – Guitar
Veli Palevaara – Bass
Tommi Manninen – Drums
Record Label: Turenki Records


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