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The Million Reasons - Haven Award winner

The Million Reasons
by Sarah Chebaro at 27 June 2022, 11:02 AM

THE MILLION REASONS got together in 2016 in the windy city called Chicago. I have never heard of them until now and I am grateful that I did. Rock n Roll and enjoying the moment is what this band is all about. The kind of music that you crank up the volume to, roll the windows down, and hit the road going to everywhere or nowhere ( including the headbanging moments, not when you’re driving obviously).

“Haven” opens up with a powerful guitar riff of a song called “ Oh, Tranquillizer” along with the glorious tenor voice of Taylor.  Can’t forget Colin banging those drum beats and the whipping base playing from Jason. What a rush of a feeling! I know from this song that I will absolutely love the entire album. Coming up hot with a sick guitar beat is “ If Not for the Fire”. They definitely should play this track for the fire cause it burnt me down and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s an absolute head-banging air-guitaring masterpiece! The energy and explosivity make it possibly one of my favorite tracks on this album. Someone pour some water on me to calm me down. “1985” reminds me of a tune that I would listen to as a teenager it has a bit of a soft SUM41 punk feeling. Where you look across the room and see your crush and can’t stop smiling. The harmony of Taylor’s vocals with the guitar played by both Ken and Mike is pure perfection. The guitar riff fills me up with joy and the chorus is the kind of chorus to yell from the top of your lungs.

 The 8th track on the album “Alone with you” has a bluesy feel to it and is another romantic song. I wish all romantic songs had a sick beat to them. The drums from Colin are very addictive and get your feet moving. It’s a song that you can definitely dedicate to your partner whether they are into the hard rock scene or not, they will for sure nod their head with a smile. “Ride or Die” is another favorite of mine. The track has a BON JOVI feel to it mixed with a bit of IRON MAIDEN. It’s surreal, the song starts with a catchy guitar riff that fits an opening to Sons of Anarchy, very badass. “Pretty Ones” is one of the heavier tracks on the album, almost contradicts the name. I expected a softer beat but this had an almost EVANESCENCE feeling to it. They saved the best for last with their final track called “All You Can’t Afford”.  The start has a synthetic sound to it which really makes the song different from the rest of the album and a very distorted guitar riff. Vocals from Taylor are powerful and triumphant just like the song.  The track really imprinted on my mind.

“Haven” is an album that will really lift you up. It has the right amount of energy to make you want to get the day. It is a great example of what hard rock is. It sticks! I can’t wait to see the many extra reasons for how this band will continue to shine in the future.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production:  10

5 Star Rating

1. Oh, Tranquilizer!
2. If not for the Fire
3. 1985
4. Coup De Grace
5. Shine On
6. Alone with You
7. Ride or Die
8. Only Human
9. Pretty Ones
10. No North Star
11. All You Can’t Afford
Colin Dill - Drums
Taylor Brennan - Vocals
Ken Ugel - Guitar
Mike Nichols - Guitar
Jason Cillo - Bassist
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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