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The Moaning - Blood From Stone (Reissue)

The Moaning
Blood From Stone (Reissue)
by Spyros Stasis at 28 January 2013, 6:06 PM

THE MOANING was a melodic Black / Death Metal band from Sweden that released one album, “Blood From Stone” (and one demo), on No Fashion Records back in the 90s. Well, Century Media decided to re-release the record now, and personally I think it was a quite good move.

As far as their sound, if you like the first Swedish melodic Death Metal / Death Metal wave, bands like EUCHARIST and UNANIMATED and, especially, if you have a soft spot for DISSECTIONs first two release then you will find THE MOANING a lot in you liking. The main influence here is DISSECTION, and quite a lot of the melodies that THE MOANING incorporates into their sound have definitely similarities to the legendary masters of Swedish Black Metal, for instance listen to the beginning of “Stillborn” (the guitar solo on this track is also really cool) which to me seems like a little brother to “Where Dead Angels Lie”.

In general the album is quite fast paced and chaotic, a bit more raw-sounding than most of the bands at that time, which is definitely a good thing, because it probably is not the most original band. But they still have numerous advantages, like the IRON MAIDEN heavily influenced guitar work (for instance two minutes in the title track), a really great drummer, especially some of the faster parts, like the sixth track of the album “Dream in Black” (the most extreme Black Metal song of the album, with an EMPEROR-esque element to it) has some great blastbeating. To top all that: very nice work on the bass, for instance, my personal favorite, “Dying Eternal Embers”, in which the sound of the bass is huge and the whole song sounds epic with a great atmosphere to it. Only weak part of the record, for me, would be the vocals. Not that they are bad or anything, they just remain exactly the same throughout the album and I would just prefer some variation with death metal growls, maybe a few spoken parts rather than the just the straight to your face black metal voice… but that’s just me, and it certainly is not a negative aspect to their work.

Included in the rerelease are a few demo songs of the band, probably before the release of “Blood From Stone”. I cannot say that they are that interesting. OK you would listen to them once or twice but because most of them are just songs that ended up in the album (“Blood From Stone” had the same title, “A Battle to Win” is “Of Darkness I Breed” and “Twilight of Eternal Winter” is “A Dark Decade Rising”), you might get a bit bored.

Today most of the members of THE MOANING are working with other bands. Patrick and Pierre Tornkvist are in a Death N' Roll band called HELLTRAIN, Mikael Granqvist plays for SATARIEL (for which Andreas Nilzon also played for a time, good melodic death metal band, worth checking out) and Niklas Svensson used to play for GATES OF ISHTAR (from 1994 to 1996). Also Peter Tagtgren produced the album, and his work is…well as you would expect it to be, absolutely great.

To be honest, in the end I found “Blood From Stone” a really enjoyable listen. If the band did not call it a day who knows… we might be sitting today drinking beers and comparing it with other debut albums such as “The Somberlain” or “The Red In The Sky Is Ours”. Oh well, I guess we will not find out what could have happened.

4 Star Rating

1. Blood From Stone
2. Stillborn
3. Of Darkness I Breed
4. Dying Internal Embers
5. A Dark Decade’s Rising
6. Dreams In Black
7. Mirror of the Soul
8. Dark Reflections
9. Blood From Stone (demo 1995)
10. A Battle To Win (demo 1994)
11. Blackened by Death (demo 1994)
12. Twilight of the Eternal Winter
Niklas Svensson - Bass
Andreas Nilzon - Drums
Patrik Tornkvist - Guitars
Mikael Granqvist - Guitars
Pierre Tornkvist – Vocals
Record Label: Century Media


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