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The Moor - Year Of The Hunger

The Moor
Year Of The Hunger
by YngwieViking at 29 November 2012, 8:10 PM

In 2012, more than any from the past year, the releases from Italy were astonishing and breathtaking as much for their quantities than their qualities, so when I received this album by THE MOOR from Lion Music, I knew that I had clearly something to enjoy, I was positively sure. Nevertheless, the music played by those guys is far from the clichés and the usual spaghetti Power Metal so don't let their origins fool you. In fact Italy has proved more than once lately that they are prolific in mostly each and every sub-kind of Metal with gems like: VISION DIVINE - “Destination Set to Nowhere”, PROFUSION - “Rewotower”, HOLLOW HAZE - “Poison in Black”, DANGER ZONE - “Undying”, ALBERTO RIGONI“Three Wise Monkeys", VEXILLUM “The Bivouac”, A PERFECT DAY“Self-Titled” and obviously the great return of Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY.

Ok, now back the original subject: “Year Of The Hunger”. After an only Digital EP release earlier, it’s time for the real thing from THE MOOR. This album starts with a modern Prog Rock's feeling, “Hyperuranium” sounds more British than Italian but the album turns quickly into something near of the Scandi Dark Prog spirit (like KATATONIA). Later on the flavor twirls once more and sounds more Metallic with some vocals lines quite reminiscent of ICED EARTH and even with some harsher grunts. After a short instrumental, the second part “The Path of Liberation” seems more consistent or coherent but without falling into the traditional schemes of this kind of music. However, soon you will realize that the music is again in changing over, taking the counterpoint of each obvious structure and turns it into another completely disparate incongruous ambiance. The only thing that is predictable are the guitar solos; but don’t get me wrong, I like this melodic singing a lot and the axe-lead works is definitely something very attracting while listening to this album, like an clear oasis in a forsaken wasteland. In fact something to rely on, some reviewers will call that “hooks”.

After many twists and turns the record ends with two nice instrumental pieces. Once again the originality strikes as “Venice”is a remake of their own vocal song, skillfully transformed into a soft, delicate and totally bizarre unit. This is an interesting album recommended for the real Progsters. I truly admire Lion Music for having the courage, guts, Passion & faith to release something with such quality but also immensely difficult to market.

3 Star Rating

Part I – Noble Truth of Suffering
1. Hyperuranium.
2. The Others.
3. The Road.
4. Covered.
5. Year Of The Hunger (instrumental).

Part II - The Path of Liberation
6. Clouds and Shales.
7. Before Abigail.
8. Liquid Memories.
9. Antikythera.
10. Venice.
11. The Arising of Volition (instrumental).
12. Venice (instrumental).
Enrico Longhin – Vocals / Guitars
Davide Carraro - Guitars
Massimo Cocchetto - Bass
Alberto Businari - Drums
Debbie Hyshka - Vocals on “Venice”
Gilles Boscolo - Keyboards solo on “Clouds And Shales”
Record Label: Lion Music


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