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The Morning After - Legacy

The Morning After
by Sharon "Metal Chick" Bar-Or / YngwieViking at 25 June 2012, 6:53 PM


I don't know, guys, I'm kind of split here; THE MORNING AFTER think they are a Heavy Metal Band but while I was listening to “Legacy” I could hear three things: Glam, Glam and Glam. When it comes to the lyrical work and process, I can see why they'd call themselves a Heavy Metal band but I'm afraid that's not enough; I can't put the JUDAS PRIEST or MOTORHEAD or IRON MAIDEN and THE MORNING AFTER under one title because of many differences…

Instrumentally,“Legacy” is really awesome. Great guitar riffs and even greater guitar solos. We all know that in order to create an amazing instrumental performance, it's necessary to have strong guitar riffs plus solos. There's nothing special about the drumming work or the bass work: I would expected to hear an amazing drums-base work in a Heavy Metal band but, again, THE MORNING AFTER are Glam and not a Heavy Metal band; and someone has to wake those guys up and tell them that.

Vocals… I've really tried to think about the nicest critical word that I could write but I didn't find any so I'm going to say it as it is (and I'm sorry about it): Is this a Karaoke program or something!?  Too much vocal harmonies (which is another reason for why THE MORNING AFTER are NOT a Heavy Metal band). The lead vocalist isn't peachy or rough- I'll stick with the theory that he's an ex-karaoke singer who joined a Glam Metal band because he needs the money… Sorry, but it is what it is… Horrible.

I'm pissed off because I was listening to the first track "Legacy" and I thought "Awesome! That sounds great! I can't wait" but then I listened to the rest of the album and I felt like someone is pranking a joke on me. I hope the next album will be better like 100 times better.


After reading the review by Sharon, I felt that i had to write something about my thoughts & my advices to our readers in order to share some different point of views and also suggest a new deepness for this record. My view regarding THE MORNING AFTER's "Legacy" is very opposite but also compatible in some way with my charming colleague. So, please let's take my friendly comments without any sort aggressiveness and full of benevolent behaving, as it's was written only to be the more accurate and without any kind of personnal attacks.

First, I was quite disappointed by THE MORNING AFTER's first album “You Can't Hurt Steel” because I felt it was experienced or witnessed something like a waste of talent. The guitars were good, some riffs were appetizing and few of the choruses were very catchy but the juvenile Metalcore gimmicks, the lacklustre songwriting was ruining everything even if we can perceive something bubbling underneath that seems very interesting and even some promising flashes of pure genius here and there. When I received their new album in late 2011 from Japan (vicp 64936), my expectations were quite high, and thankfully my hopes were fulfilled because they had succeded in marrying perfectly the Modern Melodic Metal with the 80’s Hair attitude. Although they still suffer from some Emo widget from time to time.

The 80’s feel is more than obvious & prominent both in the lead-guitar departement but also in those 'direct-sing-along Arena-chorus' display, spiced by a Mutt Lange's like production with huge harmonized gang-backing-vocals and keyboards layers; THE MORNING AFTER's Hair Metal influence is also upon their accessibility and easy sense or if you prefer their commercial efficiency. But that is also their weak point. The quest for the perfect DEF LEPPARD Friendly Radio sound, lead to an awful mix where the vocals are way too loud & bulging. This kept away the power of the guitars and finally gave the feeling of a Pop-puny foul sound. You could understand the following very quickly, giving the chance.
Sometimes their old demons from “You Can't Hurt Steel” are back, mostly when some gimmicks are used only to mask the emptiness of some track as "The Witch Is On My Back" and when the singer is lacking conviction and consistence. But I found the criticism towards him very harsh as he possess a good range with some similarity with Jack Blades Or Robin McAuley and once again his sonic positioning is very risky and it's a disadvantage for him, so I think some leniency should be adopted.
Finally it doesn't matter, which name we call it, if the reader will not take the term "Glam" as a discrediting word or a derogatory adjective. But I think I can understand the early view and the confusion. As this band is utterly difficult to apprehend and almost like BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART is an over the top-love it or hate it act, so I could recommend it to the open minded people who are searching for Brand / old / new sensation, even if it's not perfect. It's catchy enough for a big and encouraging.

3 Star Rating

1. Legacy
2. Into the Fire
3. Limit
4. America
5. The Witch Is on My Back
6. Over the Wire
7. Stream of Stars
8. These Hills Have Eyes
9. Powerdrive
10. Rest in Pieces
11. Nightmare Planet
12. Seasons
13. I Walk With Giants
Jay Bude- Bass/Vocals
Reece Bude- Drums
Sam Robinson- Guitars/Vocals
Phil Maher- Guitars
Record Label: Rising Records


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Edited 04 February 2023

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