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The Murder Of My Sweet - A Gentleman's Legacy

The Murder Of My Sweet
A Gentleman's Legacy
by John Foley at 04 April 2022, 8:38 AM

Coming from Sweden we got the sixth album by symphonic metal band THE MURDER OF MY SWEET titled “A Gentlemen’s Legacy” which was released in December of 2021. The band were formed in 2006 and released their first album “Divanity” in 2010. This new album is the follow up to 2019 album “Brave Tin World”. Their band name was inspired by the 1944 film noir “Murder, My Sweet” and the lyrics deal with personal experiences with the music inspired my books and movie soundtracks. The album opens up with the intro track “Six Feet Under” and right away we hear rain pouring down and a car starting. As the car gets going we then hear static and radio broadcasts. There is beauty here but also darkness as it kicks off with drums and strings then we get male vocals and guitars which is then accompanied by the lead vocals of front-woman ANGELICA RYLIN.

Opening with a synth line we then got “A Ghost Of A Chance” when the guitars and drums then come charging in as the vocals then take command of the track. There is some cool guitar work going on here and we then get this big sounding chorus. The strings here help lift the song up. The middle section builds to this cool guitar solo which then leads us to one final chorus. “Winged” has this nice melody from the start as the vocals then come over it. The drums and guitars really help with lifting this one up as we are then hit with a very up lifting chorus. There is a mix of both acoustic and electric guitars here with a nice balance between the two. The pace then picks up for the middle section with some cool lead guitar work and solo as we then go back in for one last chorus to play us out.

After that one we got “Kill Your Darlings” with the synths drawing in and a heavy guitar groove that then hits. The bass here really breaks through in the mix here as the song builds to a big sing along chorus. The track then comes down for the middle section as a guitar solo then rips through the track and with a key change we come back for that last chorus. This was a really good song. Opening with a gentle piano and strings and soft vocals we have “Rise Above”. An acoustic guitar then comes in and strums along with the melodies all around us. The vocals really lead this song along as heavy guitars and drums then come crashing in. That same melody from the start is still present through-out though as an epic sounding solo then hits. This is a very emotional song.

With heavy riffs kicking things off with some cool lead guitar lines we got “Heads or Tails”. This is a real head banging tune which has another one of those big sounding chorus that you can sing along with and we have a lot of on this album. The main riff to this one is really cool and the vocal delivery works well with each section. The middle section builds to something big and the guitar work here is great as we get the epic sounding guitar solo and the song leads us into one last massive chorus.

As we come to the final track with “Finding Closure” we have this clean guitar melody. Then the vocals then take command with the drums and guitars stomping along. Once again we have those big choruses with that big sound. The middle section does something a little different as it has a radio broadcast playing over it. As the vocals come back in the song then start to build to something as a synth solo leads us to a guitar solo and back to the chorus again. Just when you think this track is over it kicks off all over again with the band giving it everything they got as this one comes to a close.

“A Gentlemen’s Legacy” is a really good album and THE MURDER OF MY SWEET are a symphonic band that are also a lot of fun too. There are plenty of cool riffs and great vocal work and plenty of sing along moments too. It all sounds like it could be a lot of fun live as well. This album is just good songs with lots of moments of emotion and beauty. Very much enjoyed this.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Six Feet Under
2. A Ghost Of A Chance
3. Damnation
4. Wheels Of Time
5. Winged
6. Kill Your Darlings
7. Fathers Eye’s
8. Rise Above
9. Trick Of The Devil
10. Heads or Tails
11. Please Don’t Wait Up
12. Finding Closure
Angelica Rylin – Vocals
Mike Palace – Guitar
Patrik Janson – Bass
Daniel Flores – Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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