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The New Black - III: Cut Loose

The New Black
III: Cut Loose
by Drago at 18 March 2013, 5:25 PM

The perfect balance between pop sensibilities and the rock ‘n’ roll attitude of MOTORHEAD are where Germany’s THE NEW BLACK have cut their teeth. Their songs snarl with a dirty atmosphere but at the same time are incredibly polished and catchy. They have been annihilating the live circuit since 2009 and have shared the stage with metal’s biggest icons. THE NEW BLACK are an excellent blend of today’s metal and classic Rock N' Roll. Released through Germany’s AFM Records, their third release “III: Cut Loose” finds the band writing and recording the tightest most complete album of their career.

Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen, one of the top Metal producers on the scene today, this I the first time The New Black has enlisted outside help and not handled everything themselves. The move was exactly what the band needed as the songs have a crisp thick modern production without an overly processed formulaic sound.

Opening track “Innocence & Time” comes ripping out of the speakers and straight up kicks your ass. Not only the shining moment on “III: Cut Loose” it is the best song of their career. A MOTORHEAD inspired up-tempo metal feast, this track has a killer riff and a chorus that is infectious and backed with a killer guitar harmony.

“Innocence & Time” kicks so many asses that nothing else on the album quite reaches the height and excitement. It would be for the benefit of THE NEW BLACK to incorporate this style of song more often. Not that the rest of the material isn’t excellent, they just succeed more when adapting that aggressive swagger captured on the first track.

“Superhuman Mission” starts out with SABBATH’s “Children of the Grave” as its blueprint before jumping into a contagious chorus that is made for the radio. “Any Colour You Like (As Long As It’s Black), “Muzzle & Blinkers” and “Not Quite That Simple” shows THE NEW BLACK knocking out heavy, fast paced catchy material as second nature. They bring things down on the “screw you” revenge inspired “One Thing I Know” and the band seemed to have composed their most radio friendly single of their short career.

Vocalist Fludid is melodic but at the same time incorporates that raspy vocal characteristic that fits the music like a glove. He does an outstanding job of writing memorable choruses and is the perfect combination of Lemmy and James Rota of FIREBALL MINISTRY.

The musicians are all skilled and the guitar players can shred when given the opportunity but it isn’t often enough. Would love to see Christof Leim and Fabain Schwarz cut loose more often as these songs cry out for a ton of nasty dirty leads.

“III: Cut Loose” should be the record that launches THE NEW BLACK onto the scene as it is chock full of slamming songs that are unforgettable. Their tenacity to push themselves, as songwriters and bringing in the amazing Jacob Hansen should do for them what it did for VOLBEAT. Next time they need to add a couple of more MOTORHEAD inspired tracks to their approach of melody.

4 Star Rating

1. Innocence & Time
2. Count Me In
3. Muzzle & Blinkers
4. Superhuman Mission
5. Cut Loose
6. Any Colour You Like (As Long As It’s Black)
7. Burning D
8. Not Quite That Simple
9. Sharkpool
10. The Unexpected Truth
11. One Thing I Know
12. Antidote
Fludid – Vocals
Chris Weiss – Drums
Christof Leim – Guitars
Fabian Schwarz – Guitars
Günter Auschrat - Bass
Record Label: AFM Records


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