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The New Roses - Nothing But Wild Award winner

The New Roses
Nothing But Wild
by Cullen Baldridge at 09 September 2019, 10:32 PM

THE NEW ROSES are a Rock band from WiesBaden Germany, I've been jamming "Nothing But Wild" for a few days now, it's Rock, Southern Rock with a slight touch of country, It is a pretty good album.

"Soundtrack Of My Life" feels like a Rock, upbeat Country song to me, I'm digging It myself, it has cool guitars, awesome overall beat going on, the song is self-explanatory by the title. "Can't Stop Rock & Roll", I am not even going to lie, I went and checked out TWISTED SISTER thinking it was a remake but it's nowhere close to a remake. it's a cool Rock anthem in its own right. "Down By The River" thought we were going to church with this one but it's about memories of no worries and chillin', I personally don't know who just buys a six pack though.

"Nothing But Wild" is um, the title track, It's a cool song about a wild ass chick from back in high school. "Heartache" is pretty much about a "Heartache" and how it sucks but were all willing to take a chance and go through it again. "The Bullet" is another heartache song, asking for a song that keeps your heart from breaking and gives you strength to carry on and fall in love again. "Running Out Of Hearts" is another song about a broken heart but they are good about putting a different spin on it and they are well done. "Unknown Territory" was written about being away from home and doing their first U.S. shows. "As The Crow Flies" is about living free, it has some cool guitars, the drums are transitioned smoothly, the bass pushes the song from beneath, the vocals are on point. "Give And Take" is just an old school rock song about its namesake.

"The Only Thing" is a slow love song that picks up here and there, it's about looking somebody in the eyes and letting them know that they are the only thing real. "Meet Me Halfway" is kind of a countrified song about meeting halfway in the do's and don'ts of a relationship.

"Nothing But Wild" has a lot of heartbreak songs and a few love songs but they are done in a cool way, I dug the album

Songwriter: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Soundtrack Of My Life
2. Can't Stop Rock & Roll
3. Down By The River
4. Nothing But Wild
5. Heartache
6. The Bullet
7. Running Out Of Hearts
8. Unknown Territory
9. As The Crow Flies
10. Give And Take
11. The Only Thing
12. Meet Me Halfway
13. Glory Road
14. Down By The River
15. Fight You Leaving Me
Timmy Rough - Vocals, Guitars
Norman Bites - Guitars
Hardy - Bass
Urban Berz - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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