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The Night Flight Orchestra - Internal Affairs

The Night Flight Orchestra
Internal Affairs
by Kostya Aronberg at 23 August 2012, 1:19 PM

I was born and raised in a one cold place in Russia named Siberia and there was no such thing as Heavy Metal. So I could say that prior to me leaving that place I've never heard about things like Death, Heavy or any other kinds of Metal music. What I've actually heard about is Classical music (I fell in love with Mozart, Vivaldi and Paganini) and the Hard Rock style (which was my favorite). So I was influenced by bands like KISS, ALICE COOPER, Bob Sager, DEEP PURPLE, WHITESNAKE and THE BEATLES. So when I got my hands on the new THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA album, I was quite impressed - they invented a time machine and took me back to when I was a little kid.

First of all the artwork is perhaps nothing special - there are no knights, gods, demons, heaven or hell… nothing! Just the band’s picture. Some people say that in the 21st century all the artwork would be scary, with tons of Photoshop and graphics and I can't disagree with them. But guys, this will work only if the band is playing 100% Metal with nothing else and with a proof to the world that they created something new. But what if the band does not try to create something? They're trying to rehatch one of the best things of our music - true Rock N’ Roll. I guess the artwork really matches.

Now let’s talk about the songs. The album begins with "Siberian Queen", a really nice song for opening the album with the great voice of Björn “Speed” Strid (the voice of SOILWORK), amazing bass of Sharlee D'Angelo (ARCH ENEMY) and unique sound of the Richard Larsson on thekeyboards. Now let me ask you a question - do you remember older tunes where the band sings about San Francisco and California? I do. I can't remember the artists’ names which used to sing about these magical places but it was a great period of my life, and now HE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA returned this feeling with "California Morning". By the way, the fans of Miami and good guitar solos can find a great song about their favorite city called "Miami 5:02". It sounds like these guys from Sweden really love the USA. But what about me? My favorite song from the album is "West Ruth Ave". It's really good song with great lyrics and music.

Well, in the end if you love Hard Rock, old Rock and all the Rock N’ Roll stuff you should check them. Perhaps they would not able to create the perfect Rock N’ Roll like they tried once (I don't think somebody ever will manage to do that), but they've done a really great work and I actually like them.

4 Star Rating

1. Siberian Queen
2. California Morning
3. Glowing City Madness
4. West Ruth Ave
5. Transatlantic Blues
6. Miami 5:02
7. Internal Affairs
8. 1998
9. Stella Ain't No Dove
10. Montreal Midnight Supply
11. Green Hills Of Glumslov
12. American High 
Björn “Speed” Strid – Vocals
David Andersson – Guitars
Richard Larsson – Keyboards
Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass
Jonas Källsbäck – Drums
Record Label: Coroner Records


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