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The Night Flight Orchestra - Skyline Whispers Award winner

The Night Flight Orchestra
Skyline Whispers
by YngwieViking at 05 July 2015, 11:37 PM

After the unexpected triumph of their excellent debut "Internal Affairs" in 2012, the incredible SOILWORK side project called THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA is back…In the same stylistic pattern, the new album under the title of ”Skyline Whispers”, is providing a much awaited sequel to their first masterpiece …Yep, this time again it’s Pure Classic 80’s Melodic Rock with a Vintage feel and a real positive attitude…Catchy, entertaining and most of all elegant and addictive !

The endless journey and the Road trip thematic are recurrent, the time travel is also credible as an option as some cuts seems to reveal their absolute efficient time-capsule function…Spectacular !

Once again, please do not rely on the musical pedigree of its members, obviously it's a far departure from the xtreme sound of SOILWORK/ARCH ENEMY setting in a more Melodic form of 70’s Hard Rock or early 80’s Arena AOR…Like SURVIVOR meets KISS meets JOURNEY meets THE EAGLES meets DEEP PURPLE mark III…Phenomenal !

The ultra brilliant vocalist Bjorn Strid has outdone himself out, his voice is magnificent and his performance full of class and it’s clearly the highlight of this release! …And now let me say on thing, the publishing of a subsequent episode of such quality in a immediate linking sequence, is nothing more than great but also astonishing and awesome!

Beside Björn "Speed" Strid, the ex MEAN STREAK's men, drummer Jonas Källsbäck and gifted guitarist David Andersson who is playing some gorgeous solos and a bunch of delicious licks, while bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS/ARCH ENEMY ) display an amazing four strings personality with his low retro sound (“Stiletto”/“Demon Princess”), perfectly seconded by keyboardist Richard Larsson and his textured layers by ultra labelled sounds (“Lady Jade” is another biting track that blends a "Dynasty" era KISS-style intro with funk keyboards)… Fabulous!

The production is perfectly fitting, designed in the same shape of organic sound inherited from the classic American approach of the late 70’s… Once again kudos to Sebastian Forslund for the superb coherency in the mix!

Right after the impressive opening cut “Sail On”,“Living For The Night Time” is probably my favorite song on the record, damn it could have been a huge hit-single 35 years ago… Immediately catchy and obsessive!

The string orchestrations on “I Ain’t Young, I Ain’t Old” are both symptomatic of the mix of AOR and bombastic Pop, the whole construction of this track is sometimes not far from the contemporary sound of EUROPE

The short intermezzo of the instrumental “Skyline Whispers” built around pulsating synthesizers in the 80’s mood is the perfect intro for the up rocker pace of “Roads Less Traveled”.

"The Heather Reports" will complete to convince: a ten-minute epic track that flirts with a jam session via a Progressive extravaganza grand final… Clever!

The Japanese Edition offers a double gift with the demo version of the emblematic song “1998” recorded at the early stage production of “Internal Affairs” and an unreleased track “But You & I”, while the European digipack is closing with the keyboardish influenced cut "Floridian Eyes"… Both versions are great choices and each bonus track is essential, finally it's your decision…don't count on me!

5 Star Rating

1. Sail On
2. Living For The Nighttime
3. Stiletto
4. Owaranai Palisades
5. Lady Jade
6. I Ain’t Old, I Ain’t Young
7. All the Ladies
8. Spanish Ghosts
9. Demon Princess
10. Skyline Whispers
11. Roads Less Traveled
12. The Heather Reports
13. Floridian Eyes (Exclusive Digipak Bonus Track)
Björn Strid – Lead Vocals
Sharlee D' Angelo - Bass
David Andersson – Guitar
Richard Larsson – Keyboards
Jonas Källsbäck – Drums
Record Label: Coroner Records


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