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The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic Award winner

The Night Flight Orchestra
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 26 March 2020, 5:23 AM

Sometimes things don’t work 100% in a band, especially if it’s a parallel band of known musicians. They can become tired of the routine of recording-rehearsing-touring, so it’s normal when an album isn’t as good as the previous one. But don’t be worried: THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA is the type of band that, even when things aren’t perfect, as in the case of “Aeromantic” (the band latest album), it’s still irresistible.

The band’s musical work is the same that everyone know since their first work, “Internal Affairs”: a mix between Classic Rock/Hard Rock from the 70’s with elements from Motown Rhythm ‘n’ Blues/Soul Music age between the 60’s and 80’s. And even being an excellent release that deserves passionate praises, “Aeromantic” isn’t as perfect as “Amber Galactic” and “Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough”. But even this way, the album is excellent, and deserves to be heard for days, because the melodies are addictive as always, the musical arrangements are excellent, the hooking choruses are there as well, and everything works perfectly. The sound quality of the album is excellent once more, because the band brought again Sebastian Forslund for the mixing and Thomas “PLEC” Johansson for the mastering, so there’s no difference between the sonority heard on their album (these guys are with the band since its first release, after all), just being a little more well cared.

As mentioned above, the band’s musical way didn’t change at all (and doesn’t need to be this way), so the main problem resides in the songs (the reason of “Aeromantic” isn’t not in the same level of its predecessors), and “Servants of the Air” (a song with main focus being on the guitars, using an aggressive insight, without being something out of their main style), “Divinyls” (where is shown the band’s accessible vein along with charming melodies and excellent vocals and backing vocals), “If Tonight is Our Only Chance” (with its AOR/Soul essence), “This Boy’s Last Summer” (it’s a simple and straight Classic Rock song, with excellent melodies and some good keyboards parts), “Transmissions” (what a remarkable chorus, in the best tradition of Arena Rock names as TOTO and ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA), “Taurus” (it bears an amazing and charming appeal on its energy, and a solid work on bass guitar and drums), “Carmencita Seven” and  “Sister Mercurial” (both with very good contrasts created by guitars and keyboards) are the best ones for a first hearing. On the second, anyone will hear the entire album without problems.

Another remarkable album of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, but once more: “Aeromantic” is excellent, but not in the same level of its predecessors.

Musicianship: 10
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Servants of the Air
2. Divinyls
3. If Tonight is Our Only Chance
4. This Boy’s Last Summer
5. Curves
6. Transmissions
7. Aeromantic
8. Golden Swansdown
9. Taurus
10. Carmencita Seven
11. Sister Mercurial
12. Dead of Winter
Björn Strid - Vocals
David Andersson - Guitars
Sebastian Forslund - Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Special FX
Anna-Mia Bonde - Backing Vocals
Anna Brygård - Backing Vocals
Sharlee D’Angelo - Bass Guitar
Jonas Källsbäck - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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