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The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic II

The Night Flight Orchestra
Aeromantic II
by Kevin Lewis at 22 November 2021, 4:27 PM

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA is a Swedish symphonic hard rock band who have taken 70s and 80s music, updated it, and added more to create a record that is part 80s show/movie soundtrack, part symphonic disco throwback, and part symphonic hair/glam metal. The sound is big, bordering on epic with enough tons of synth and catchy guitar hooks. Aeromantic II was released on September 3, 2021, via Nuclear Blast Records.

The record opens with “Violent Indigo.” This is a heavy synth song with a fairly basic rhythm and quirky guitar/synth interplay. This song sounds like it could have been on the Miami Vice soundtrack. The 80s television show, not the early 2000s movie. Jan Hammer would be proud of this tune.

Midnight Marvelous” is a little harder edged, more into the hard rock realm. The guitar is a bit rougher, and the keys are slightly less prominent. The tune is pretty catchy and the guitar solo shows David Andersson’s skill level. “How Long” reminds me of the Michael Sambello track, “Maniac” from the Flashdance soundtrack. “Burn For Me” could be a track from many 80s rock bands. Catchy, a little flashy, and easy to dance/sing along to.

Amber Through a Window” is another catchy, heavy synth track that could be a crossover disco/rock hit and “I Will Try” is almost 80s New Wave. The 70s and 80s influences are all over this record. The writing is updated for a new audience, but the target crowd is fairly specific. This is not likely to appeal to the hardcore metalhead but will strike a chord with fans of the early days of hard rock and arena bands.

You Belong to The Night” hits the brain like the KISS album that went almost disco in its’ sound, Dynasty. There is a bit of a Japanese music opening, but then the riff turns to a rhythm like “I Was Made for Loving You.” The song is not a copy of the past but has a distinct feel for it. That era of music, and that specific KISS album get some rough treatment from metal purists, but the influence is still heard today, proving it could endure and be relevant 40 years later.

White Jeans” is significantly faster from the intro. The guitar riff is heavier and the keys more in line with the guitar, rather than running in a higher register. The throwback to the 80s this time is a bit of a reference to the white jeans phenomenon of women on the cover of magazines from the timeframe. If you old enough to remember that time, congratulations. This record is very likely going to let you remember a time you often think of fondly.

The record wraps with “Moonlit Skies,” a bit of a ballad, a lot of 80s New Wave, and a dash of nostalgia. For some reason, I get a TEARS FOR FEARS vibe with this song. This is the song that would hit the radio in heavy rotation back in the day. Catchy and appealing to the hopeless romantic, this would hit every two hours. Those who lost the love of their life would listen to this and pine for the opportunity missed.

This record is for those who love a catchy tune, a singalong chorus and something they can groove to. There are not shredding guitars or screams from the vocalist. This is meant to make you happy and reach for those things you desire. It’s meant to inspire hope and longing. This fills a void left by the shift to heavier tones and darker lyrics that happened when thrash and all that followed took over the airwaves in the mid-80s. Just remember to think back fondly while you listen to this.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Violent Indigo
2. Midnight Marvelous
3. How Long
4. Burn for Me
5. Chardonnay Nights
6. Change
7. Amber Through a Window
8. I Will Try
9. You Belong to The Night
10. Zodiac
11. White Jeans
12. Moonlit Skies
Björn "Speed" Strid – Vocals
Sharlee D'Angelo – Bass
Jonas Källsbäck – Drums
David Andersson – Guitar
Sebastian Forslund – Congas/Percussion/Guitar
Anna-Mia Bonde – Backing Vocals
Anna Brygård – Backing Vocals
John Lönnmyr – Keyboards
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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