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The Nightstalker - The Chronicles of Natural City

The Nightstalker
The Chronicles of Natural City
by Jorge “The Zarto” Zamudio at 13 October 2014, 12:02 PM

Ok, after a few hearings to this release, I have come to a certain conclusion: Gothic Metal is a hard genre to develop, because of the ways that you could take in just one song and what happens when the way chosen is correct? But the vehicle sucks like hell? Well you have “The Chronicles of Natural City”.

Musically this release is simply amazing, simple at its best, but beautifully played, full of acoustic passages, good piano moments, slow and dark atmospheres, rhythms that make you feel in a passage between middle ages and 21’st century, complex and fully understandable bass lines, and for sure the harsh guitars come in time, without disregarding the classy production and how to execute an instrument for a good song.

Now this is where the middle of the work goes down in flames: the voice, hell this voice is horrible, like Donald the Duck sang on purpose for this album, I know that the “vampiric” way will always be present, especially in Gothic Metal, but this exploitation is ridiculous, the whole album is forgettable just for the voice, it’s so fucking annoying, that THE NIGHTSTALKER has passed by my ears like it came: in a moment.

I have always liked Gothic Metal, I have always respected what musicians do, because to play an instrument it’s by far more than I can do, but I know also that I can sing better than that, and this release loses everything just because of the voice, a really stupid try of being “evil” falls in impunity to hell, letting what could have been an excellent release forsaken in the metal world.


2 Star Rating

1. Some Fog in the City
2. Remember the War
3. Miss Ombrelle
4. Released from Purgatory
5. Trouble in My Head
6. Fate, the Witness of Time
7. Lord of Darkness
8. The Confrontation
9. Gabriel
10. Alone Against the Apocalypse
11. For Miss Ombrelle
Steve "Serpent" Fabry - All Instruments
Record Label: Wolfshade Records


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