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The Ogre - Entity

The Ogre
by Craig Rider at 20 June 2020, 6:42 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: THE OGRE; signed via Sliptrick Records, hailing from Brazilian grounds - performing Progressive Black/Death Metal, on their 3rd album entitled: "Entity" (released April 28th, 2020).

The soloist in question has 3 albums in his discography so far: "Idol Icon Black" (released February 12th, 2015), "Dead In The Water" (released March 8th, 2018) & this here 3rd album entitled: "Entity". 9 tracks ranging at around 46:17; THE OGRE arrange an inricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Black/Death Metal amalgamations.

"Macabre Hooded Spectre" begins the record; opening up with an immense drum pounding, unearthing an intense foundation of uniquely versatile vehemence & boisterously bouncy adrenaline. Amplified into a barraged frenzy of blast-beating chaos, fuelling a frantic bombardment of flamboyantly crafted hooks & fiercely composed fretworks that trailblaze into a crushing but primitive maelstrom of riveting speed that oozes out tight meatiness with monstrously savage rhythms which rocket with sinister dimensions and hybrid grooves - combusting borderline explosions with sonically seamless firepower in which salubriously punish eardrums in a blistering free-for-all that will make anyone break chairs over other chairs! This quote take from an official description:

THE OGRE's songs talk about macabre tales, urban legends, occultism and even personal experiences taking the listener through an unique sound experience diving straight into an obscure dark and lost universe - it's an accurate representative of this resounding story of obscure songwriting offerings…establishing an atmospheric but stormy tyranny of ambient instrumentation & this tempest of neck-breaking, belting bruisers – distributing an utmost upbeat utilisation of efficacious inventiveness and imagination. Consisting of soloist Diogo Marins who performs on every instrument; this multitasker implements a complex element of dextrously dynamic manifestations that demonstrate diligently detailed craftsmanship abilities; rumbling with reverberating sound production distortion and a harmonic crunchiness that showcases thunderously solid chugs, chunky guitar melodies while slabbing rambunctiously triggering pummelling with volatile yet quintessential virtuosity – that contrast a galloping calamity into a frolicking wall of noise while converging both sub-genres with this mass momentum of rapidly swift nimbleness that strikes with steely precision while injecting infectiously venomous vocal deadliness bundled into a window-shattering smother of deep, guttural growls & raspy throatiness.

"Room Of Broken Mirrors" is a brief interlude; creating an interesting soundscape that would be better ideal mid-portion of the record with this transition of melancholic acoustics but shrouded with this operatic style, while juxtaposing this vibrant potency to it. "Violent Poltergeist Manifestation" brings back audible extremity; ruthless pandemonium shrouds this monolithic terror of symphonic havoc, hostile mayhem & meticulous fabrications in which melt faces into an oppressively ominous feeling…lacerating killer shreds that surge with organic substance while enriching a groundbreaking diversity of punchy jumpiness which portrays menacing yet mellifluous malevolence. So far; for a independent artist, Diogo excels with this phenomenal outrè of panache & volatile variety that stampedes with rampaging contribution…attributing a bludgeoning but bulldozing rift of rhythmic ramifications which supply constructively grinding finesse but imploding enlightening musicianship that has a euphonic expertise but hammeringly battering thump to it. Evident in the catchiness of "Nightrider". Diogo revels with jacked systematics; profusely wondering with robust yet progressively technical cresendos culminates a fluidly polished persistency of persevering prestigiousness. The previous song brings forth clean singing, while still distilling a chiselled aesthetic of crunchy but foreboding bass audibilities that piledrive with impactfully effective badassery - one of the more memorable songs.

"Portals" opens up with another acoustic strum; until the brilliantly converged embodiment of blackened death thrash takes over with zestful velocity, while strong yet pulverizing…razor-sharp shreds roar with ripping momentum…quaking with melodious hymns in ghoulish fashion, eeriely charging haunting summonings that unleash this festering but aggressive tendency to it. Enduring a brilliant mechanic of horror-induced soundtrack passages that mesmerize with a brutal senstation with this ongoing ritual of symphonic but broad embellishment of experimental merging and heavy construction. "Phantasmagoria" resonates with more poignant but evocative dissonance, still oscillating this revolving yet relentless haste in which pulsates this rollicking profanation of mandatory soul-stirring weight. Materialising a harnessing slam of groove-bomb tenacities, viciously romping up this outrageous but healthy dose of sulphurously distinguished distinction of gnarly grit & conceptually concrete devastation. Exploring this radical vibe of moody triumphs which orchestrate with this captivating chord that rap with droning excess, while the ruination of doomy energy synergetically stimulates this magnitude of majestic horsepower into a berserking blaze tenfold.

"Vermin" opens up with this daunting component of philharmonic phantasmagoria; a choir of the damned armed to the brim with frightening but hypnotic chants, bong bashes; pianist patterns, & a ambient but brilliant passage of thrilling tempos that will make yourself shrivel with total distraction. Diogo himself barks with shrieking growls, and guttural throatiness that snarls with rebellious sophistication inbetween too. The penultimate song: "Solaris" engages an enlightening but fulfilling sense of solace with Diogo's magnificent vocal performances that spellbinds listeners in this transfixing yet ethereal characteristic; nothing short of linearity here, and for an artist hellbent on singular revs - this here expressive of prolific poetics will subtly immerse and indulge you with this replayable lore of lingering darkness.

Overall concluding "Entity" with the finishing epic: "Beneath The Rain"; an emotive spectacle resulting in depth, éclat & spirited verve. Bottom line; I am compelled to say that THE OGRE certainly outdone himself with this one, Diogo is definitely a brilliant soloist who exceeded any expectations I once had before. "Entity" rewards you with repeated playthroughs, and an incredible amount of oomph that will make you enjoy an entertaining discovery in no time. My biggest gripe is at the beginning; where the sound production was a little too loud but heck, for me personally I love it intensely loud…any excuse for an fierce headbang I say. All in all, check it out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Macabre Hooded Spectre
2. Room of Broken Mirrors
3. Violent Poltergeist Manifestation
4. Nightrider
5. Portals
6. Phantasmagoria
7. Vermin
8. Solaris
9. Beneath the Rain
Diogo Marins - Everything
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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