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The Order of Israfel - Wisdom

The Order of Israfel
by Matt Coe at 05 September 2014, 5:26 PM

There’s something very special about classic Doom Metal – the style that started in the hands of BLACK SABBATH and maintained a fervent yet cult following in the 1980’s thanks to the work of TROUBLE, SAINT VITUS and CANDLEMASS. Now with all the mutations, it’s rare to take in a group like Sweden’s THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL who champion those large, epic doom riffs and melancholic, chill bump melodies of yesteryear.

Two years after forming, the quartet unleash their debut 9 song album “Wisdom” – an exciting affair that maintains an interesting level of dynamic shifts as it can be difficult to keep ears abuzz from song to song at slower paces. The second song “The Black Wings a Demon” has an uppity drum groove, and during the instrumental section there is tradeoff breaks between guitarist Staffan Björck and bassist Patrik Andersson Winberg while vocalist/ guitarist Tom Sutton subtly croons and moans in a stair step mannerism that is part evil, part uplifting. The nine minute follow up “The Noctuus” lives for the slow, down tuned guitar build, CANDLEMASS would be so proud of the resting heart beat atmosphere on this highlight.

Prepare for longer arrangements, as 5 of the 9 tracks eclipse the 8 minute mark – the longest being the almost 16 minute extravaganza “Promises Made to the Earth” which includes bass effects, spirited lead breaks and moaning melodies that will frighten any innocent bystander that comes into THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL’s path. Doom Metal is not for the timid – there is a definite amount of investment made to understand every band’s platform, musical chemistry, and sense of where they are going.

You also get interesting interludes and spoken word pieces like “The Vow” that advance the album along and give your ears brief respite before the next Doom combination crushes your soul. For a debut record, “Wisdom” impresses – addictive and sure to bring a smile to any dreary thoughts that can surface if you are having a tough time of things.

4 Star Rating

1. Wisdom
2. The Black Wings a Demon
3. The Noctuus
4. The Earth Will Deliver What Heaven Desires
5. The Order
6. Born For War
7. Promises Made to the Earth
8. The Vow
9. Morning Sun (Satanas)
Tom Sutton – Vocals, Guitars
Staffan Björck – Guitars
Patrik Andersson Winberg – Bass
Hans Lilja – Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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