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The Osiris Club - Blazing World

The Osiris Club
Blazing World
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 25 June 2014, 12:11 PM

THE OSIRIS CLUB is a London, UK based Psychedelic/Prog/Rock band.  Their debut album here was four years in the making.  It was originally conceived as an instrumental project, fusing horror sounding movie soundtracks with Avant Metal, they have now morphed into a forbidding unit of musicians, taking parts of 70’s Prog, 80’s Post-Punk and 90’s Extreme Rock into the fusion sound.  The album contains eight tracks.

“That’s Not Like You” is the first track, beginning with a fuzzy sort of psychedelic sound, utilizing a lot of minor keys, creating an odd dissonance.  It’s like THE WHO married THE DOORS.  Beyond a doubt, it has that classic 60’s/70’s UK sound to it.  “Solid Glass” opens with a similar type of sound, though the song structure is a bit more traditional.  You can hear the trippy quality to the music as very deliberate.  Though I cannot understand all the lyrics, the general message is very eccentric.  Instrumentation is fairly minimal, and the vocals come through choppy at times.  “Mystery Sells” has a nifty opening riff, with a sterile keyboard eeriness in the background.  The riff and keys form the disconnect that creates that feeling.  A key and meter change come into the fray, creating some long atmospheric type passages where the 4/4 time is repeated.  There is an environmental message in the lyrics.  “The Bell” opens more ostentatiously, and I have this feeling that I am speeding through space and time, as the universe engulfs me.  The music in this song in particular is very good at pulling you into their journey, and there is a noticeable crescendo at the end, underscoring the point.

“Blazing World” is the fifth track, once again imparting an air of suspense and mystery.  The vocals, which are sung in nearly all the same note, give it a robotic kind of sound, like a dreadful day.  That is, until the mid-mark of the song, where use of some major chords brighten up the picture.  It is a well-constructed dichotomy.  “Undoing Wrong” carries a message of seizing the day and living more well and true to your desires.  Another dissonant riff and minor chord usage keep the track foreboding in nature.  Once again the song changes musical direction near the mid-mark.  “Seize Decay” has a little swing/swag to it, but still with that psychedelic backdrop.  The bass guitar slides up and down over an octave.  Closing the album is the track “Miles and Miles Away.”  The main riff is a series of six running notes; five up and then one down in key.  There is a heightened sense of grandiosity to this instrumental track.

Overall, I think the description of the band is very fitting to the sound I hear on this album.  Trippy, weird, and uniquely theirs, THE OSIRIS CLUB have done a pretty good job at their craft here.

3 Star Rating

1. That’s Not Like You
2. Solid Glass
3. Mystery Sells
4. The Bell
5. Blazing World
6. Undoing Wrong
7. Seize Decay
8. Miles and Miles Away
Simon Oakes – Vocals
Chris Fullard – Guitars, Synths
Raf Reutt – Guitars
Darren Bunting – Bass
Andrew Prestidge – Drums
Record Label: Indie Recordings


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