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The Outer Limits - World Metal Domination Award winner

The Outer Limits
World Metal Domination
by Daniel Fox at 03 April 2014, 2:56 PM

Eastern Europe never fails to surprise us with their eclectic and vast Metal communities. Hailing from Bulgaria are Thrash Metallers THE OUTER LIMITS, staying true to the heavy Thrash of bands such as ANTHRAX and OVERKILL; I may even notice a little INVOCATOR from time to time. Like (relatively) new Australian Thrashers HARLOTT, this band gives me great hope for the future of modern Thrash.

Interestingly enough, "Bonded by Metal" begins with an iconic groove that bears staggeringly strong resemblance to KEEP OF KALESSIN's "Dragontower". Relatively mid-paced for a Thrash band, the tempo allows for a heavy emphasis on a catchy, head-bangable groove. Halfway through, this picks up suddenly with some faster riffs and blistering lead solos. "Freedom is a Dirty Word" should be respectfully evocative of modern EXODUS, with progressively technical riffage. The vocal delivery of George is surprisingly clear with followable diction, and it not afraid to use a little melody here and there; the latter almost unheard of in many Thrash acts.

"The Outer Limits" is definitely one of the album's heavier, faster and more aggressive tracks, reaching SLAYER-speeds and ferocity, aided by the inclusion of well-placed blast-beats. The inclusion of creative and groove-ridden riffs remind me of INVOCATOR; always a nice touch. One of, if not the best track on the album. Lastly, we have "World Metal Domination"; a fitting song title, if I may say so. This track is a well-written definition of what it means to be a Metal band, for it combines technical riffing, chaotic-but-tasteful guitar solos and is well-arranged to include subtle hints of groove. Heavy and emotive, the vocals once again have a more powerful presence than on other tracks.

It is bands like this that have resulted in Thrash being a new personal listening interest; in a wider scope, this band is surely going to set a great example for Bulgarian metal bands, because their first release is incredibly well-executed.

4 Star Rating

1. Bonded by Metal
2. Freedom is a Dirty Word
3. Hate Machine
4. Living in your Nightmare
5. Suicide
6. The Holocaust of Dreams
7. The Outer Limits
8. World Metal Domination
George "Peich" – Vocals
The Policeman – Bass
Dave – Drums
Jelyo "Holt" – Lead Guitar
Dancho – Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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