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The Petulant - Dictum

The Petulant
by Chen May at 26 August 2017, 11:05 AM

THE PETULANT delivers a skull-crushing hybrid of thrash and death metal in its debut album “Dictum”. The Danish band is comprised of lead vocalist and bassist Asbjørn Steffensen, guitarists Kræn Meier and Mads Christraper Gath and drummer Lukas Meier. These members have been affiliated with renowned bands within the Danish metal scene such as SACRIFICIAL, CROCELL, INIQUITY and MORDAX.

THE PETULANT wastes no time in displaying its aggressive musical prowess. The opening track “Toying With The Infinite” is evident of this. Rapid guitar riffs and pummeling blast beats soak the atmosphere while the guttural voice of Asbjørn rips through the track, emphasizing its abrasive nature.  “Ulterior Doctrines” is another no-nonsense affair, as it bombards listeners with a barrage of riffs and powerful bass hooks.

The mellow guitar riffs that flank “Cadaverous Carnival”’s intro soon give way to a mass of raw, unforgiving shreds. As compared to previous tracks, “My Caesar” constitutes a slower tempo with a dragging sound. Despite the slower tempo, the aggression remains as growls and screams are abundant in this track. The darkly brutal nature of the track intensifies towards the end. “Extremist” begins with a punchy guitar hook, resulting in the song achieving a strong balance between being brutal yet remaining melodic simultaneously. This track then segues into the equally harsh “Rituals”. Another pummeling track, “Dehumanized” contains a complex and memorable guitar solo that should not be missed.

“Dictum” closes off with the rather emotive “The Nation”. A song that is both melancholic and aggressive, it starts with soothing guitar riffs before progressing into heavy, full-on riffing. Asbjørn’s growls fill the air, transitioning into a guitar solo. The spoken verse segment set amidst the repeated riffage imbues the track with an ominous vibe before slowly fading away into the nothingness.  “Dictum” certainly captures the thrash/death metal mastery of THE PETULANT. It is raw and unforgiving, packed with intricately composed guitar solos, as evidenced in tracks like “Ulterior Doctrines” and “Dehumanized”. Lukas Meier deserves recognition too for his skillful drumming which adds to the album’s rough essence. In short, if you are into thrash metal with a strong dose of death metal influences, “Dictum” will not disappoint!

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Toying With The Infinite
2. Ulterior Doctrines
3. Disciples
4. Reanimated
5. Cadaverous Carnival
6. My Caesar
7. Extremist
8. Rituals
9. Dehumanized
10. The Nation
Asbjørn Steffensen – Bass/Vocals
Kræn Meier – Guitars/Backing vocals
Lukas Meier – Drums
Mads Christraper Gath – Guitars
Record Label: Mighty Music


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