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The Pilgrim – From the Earth To The Sky And Back

The Pilgrim
From the Earth To The Sky And Back
by Barry Valentine at 03 November 2020, 7:53 PM

So were back with another interesting pick “The Pilgrims”. The Front man from “Black Rainbows” Gabriele Fiori teamed up with their drummer Flippo Ragazzoni to bring us this side project and their new album “From The Earth To The Sky And Back” released on 10/2/2020. An acoustic mix of heavy psych sounds, and their second album. Lets do this.

The album starts off with “Mexico ‘84”, a decent tune, the vocalist has these long notes that really give it a classic 70s feel, a decent solo finishes the song off. I thought it was a decent song for the style, and a well written song.

The next song I am going to talk about is the third track “Obsessed With The West”. It’s a pretty decent song, with tis western sort of strummed guitar chord throughout, I thought the lyrics were good, and the Instrumental solo with violins, an the guitar gave it the west feel. A well wrote song.

The next song we’re going to do is “Fool Around”. I’m beginning to get the sense that all the songs are starting to sound the same. Its just the same feel, it could be the vocalist continues with the same tone, or pitch. The music changes, but he continues to use the same tone in every song, you don’t notice the song changed from one to the next. Honestly my only complaint so far.

I’m going to jump ahead to the seventh track “Cuba”, this one actually started off with a different tone. The intro started off low, and slower tempo, but then went right back into that continuous strummed chord that’s been prevalent throughout.

Yes! We move onto the eighth song “Secrets In The Kingdom”, and finally a completely different song when what’s been common so far. The guitar chords are picked instead of strummed, the vocals changed, a much better song.

I going to jump into the “At Your Door”, it starts off with a picked intro, and flows smoothly. The singer carries his same tune, but the song is defiantly better then most have been to this point. The guy can really write some decent songs, I just wish he changed how he sings every single song.

Overall I was not a big fan of the album. I can usually get through the ones that’s not my forta but I really struggled to get through this album. I couldn’t get past the fact that every song sounded about the same. There was a few I liked, but the majority were about the same. I do praise the bands efforts, and I don’t mean to say you wont enjoy this album just because I couldn’t.

Songwriting 7
Memorability 6
Musicianship 7
Production 6

3 Star Rating

  1. Mexico ‘84
  2. Sitting Down On The Porch
  3. Obsessed With The West (Part I,II,III,IV)
  4. Lion
  5. Fool Around
  6. Riding The Horse
  7. Cuba
  8. Secrets In The Kingdom
  9. I’m Just Scared
  10. Solitude
  11. At Your Door
  12. Sounds Of The Night
  13. Space In Time
  14. Waiting For The Sun
Gabriele Fiori – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Synths, Bass
Flippo Ragazzoni – Drums, Spiritual Pots
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records


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Edited 05 June 2023

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