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The Pleasures - Foursome Reason

The Pleasures
Foursome Reason
by Saxon Davids at 12 November 2014, 8:24 PM

“THE PLEASURES” are a glam rock band from Hamburg, Germany and have just released their new EP “Foursome Reason”, and it is quite possibly one of the most awful and annoying albums I’ve listened to all year. I mean, it’s quite apparent from the album title and most of the track titles that this band seems to base the subject of their ‘craftsmanship’ on sex and use sexual puns and references all the time; “Come on Foursome Reason”, “I’ll Do Anything (…But Foreplay)” and even their first EP from 2005 entitled “Cuming out”. None-the-less, I decided to push past that unnecessary, unimaginative idiocy and actually listen to the music, after all, never judge a book by the cover am I right? Wrong. This is an album I should’ve avoided. Track one already makes the album feel like a joke, and it’s just the intro! “Four to the floor” starts with music that sounds like it should be playing at an amusement park for kids. It is then followed up with a narration to introduce the album which reads as follows; “Ladies and Gentlemen… Sluts, Whores, Perverts and Deviants… From the deepest, furthest corner of Hamburg, Germany, Europe, Planet Earth…..” followed by a little more pointless and obvious information about the band and closed off with a bit more amusement park music. This alone already had my hands in my head and sighing with despair.

Then track 2, “Crazy People Are Hot” starts to play, and actually has my foot tapping slightly, maybe I misjudged this band? Wrong again, when the lyrics come in, it becomes a train wreck. Whoever writes the lyrics in this band should be fired; there is no creativity or imagination going into the song writing here at all, with their vocabulary stretching as far as words like ‘stuff’ and phrases like ‘much more fun’. And not to mention that the singing is pretty unbearable as well as the crappy lyrics.

There really isn’t much else displayed in this album apart from more annoying vocals in “Silent Valley” where someone seems to be talking like Golem from Lord Of The Rings through a distortion pedal. Every song has the same structure to it, the same poorly written lyrics mostly themed around the same sexual topics of foursomes without foreplay, all the songs are roughly the same length (apart from the introductory track), the longest song on this album is only 11 seconds longer than the shortest song, there is no variety or diversity here at all and each 3 minute song feels like an hour, time just seems to go slowly whilst digesting this tripe. THE PLEASURES fail to please me on all accounts.

1 Star Rating

1. Four on the Floor
2. Crazy People are Hot
3. Silent Valley
4. Come on Foursome Reason
5. I’ll Do Anything (…But Foreplay)
Dancette Pleasure - Vocals, Keys
Sensai Pleasure - Bass, Vocals
Curtis Cheiron Pleasure - Guitar, Vocals
Tarankai Pleasure - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: City of Lights Records


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