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The Porridgeface - Eyes On The Betrayer Award winner

The Porridgeface
Eyes On The Betrayer
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 31 January 2013, 1:54 PM

The sophomore CD by the one man musically gifted genius Anders Lindberg is here! A true mettle parousia is felt as I repeatedly play this sequel to “Canon Of Ugliness”. Once you hear this endless endeavor of pain and perseverance, I encourage you to merely gaze into your own black as coal, dark mirror, and face your own inner fear.

There you will find the darkest of souls, in flames. Then as a stark gesture of appreciation, you will unveil the hidden truth: You are what you create! Once all deception is no longer ignored, you will realize why this is the loud burst of enthusiasm all of us old-school ragers have highly anticipated.

This very review marks my first ever 10/10 rating for this site. Obviously, I adjudge and give credence to the idea that there is no such thing as perfection, and all is mere illusion, mirrored by imperfection, mired by vain and ignorant expectations. Lindberg himself would agree that there are grievous or flagrant flaws present here and there, as an artist is all too often his own worst critic.

Nevertheless, I fully acknowledge the fine quality of musicianship performed all throughout. I emphasize and celebrate the graphically depicted, yet phenomenally adapted lyrics, some of which I myself contributed to (tracks: 1,2,9,12). I fervently promote the glaring fact that every song is well-written, uniformly constructed, and sincerely played with an ardent and vehement passion, and a skillful alacrity, strengthened by tenacity.

I am confident that you will agree that this is an absolute mandatory purchase, a sanctioned gift for fans of VENDETTA, DEATHROW, SOOTHSAYER, TANKARD, RUNNING WILD, PARADOX, and all those 80s-era Noise International acts who had a good time establishing the paradigm, by developing upon their vital products of the imagination. Just check out our paean to this brain damaged era with "Deception Ignored"!

“Eyes On The Betrayer” begins with the pensive persuasion of "You Are What You Create", culminating with the crushing closer "G.O.S. (God Of Shit)". This homeostatic benevolence allows for an ennui of variety. "G.O.S." is not some stupid, insane SLAYEResqe excuse to blaspheme, rather it is a heartfelt soul searching ode and plea to the divine, written by Anders about the tragic demise of his son, and consequently the subsequent abandonment of his faith. Although, I am pleased to announce that Anders and his wife have been blessed with the news of a newfound precious existence: a child to be born this spring.

Since this is a one-man band, you cannot expect the drums to be stellar, nor can you expect the production to be top-notch. However, A.L. is an accomplished musician, and his unique guitar tone, creative bass lines, D.I.Y. attitude, and descriptive vocal presence is what makes this CD so noteworthy; not to mention the songs are very infectious, and this is what you want.

Each blistering slice is replete with unrelenting aggression balanced by emotion, pulsating persuasion, and immediate affectation. Man, each provenance of a steadfast composition is both black and cool; leaving you feeling blessed and cursed. Just consider the reflective and impassioned "Mirror, Mirror", or the raging' outlaw cry of those steel riders of doom on "Deception Ignored". Then reflect on the bold, blackened mind blowing "Black As Coal", less you doubt your own sincerity.

While on the road, join in the epic wild hunt chant of the oncoming Oskorei, sounding the charge of "Ancient Rider". Verily, you will defy or verify that the vibrant crimson deeds of "End Of Reign" never go unpunished. With each ear-piercing rotation and eternal damnation of "Not Human", the vicious visions are unveiled, as the forever evil vampire bite is felt. Subsumed in bliss, become scorched by the emblazoned stone cold scourge of "Fire, Fear, Flames …" as it ignites your own inner passion.

The "Enter Sandman" riff raff and fatal overdose of "In The Night", or the subjective dichotomous reflection of "Voracity For Veracity" maintain lyrics which ring true in the hearts of the poets who conceived them, myself included. Therefore, with each perfervid symphonic sonic celebration and furtive underlying experience of constant headbanging you will get caught up in a thrashing rage, while you create your own destiny, and seek to find your own voracity for veracity.

I had hoped to write this review under better circumstances, as I truly intuit the music from start to finish, having heard certain demos for the past year. Although, some songs Anders kept in a secret place from me, in order to allow for some element of surprise. Finally, hearing the revenge inspired and embittered title track, or the provocative "Provenance" provided me with pleasant and prospective expectations.

Unfortunately, this weekend my Shar-Pei - Wheazy O' Whiner A.K.A.: "ShakeFace" suddenly died, and it really dampened my spirits, making it difficult to pen this praise. I want to dedicate this review and all our hard work to her lasting and resonating memory.

Thankfully this CD is soon to be unleashed upon you all. Although, it does not end there, as just beyond the light, Anders and I are already writing new material. It was a true blessing for me when this time I created the lyrics first, and then he composed the music thereafter, for our homage to TANKARD on a new song called "AAA (Addicted To Alcoholics Anonymous)". So stay tuned!

I beseech you, please do not hesitate to order your physical copy today through CDBaby, or buy it digitally everywhere. Anders has invested so much in his art, and I am honored to share in his glory. He was born to serve, and he lives and dies for his canon of the ugly truth to tell. All true metal fans will find something on “Eyes On The Betrayer” worthy of the metal revelation. Yours is his grace!

5 Star Rating

1.You Are What You Create
2. Fire, Fear, Flames …
3. In The Night
4. Not Human
5. Mirror, Mirror
6. End Of Reign
7. The Provenance Of A Dead Man
8. Ancient Rider
9. Deception Ignored
10.“Black As Coal
11.Eyes Of The Betrayer
12. Voracity For Veracity”
13. G.O.S. (God Of Shit)
Anders Lindberg – Vocals / Arrangements / Instruments
Lyrical Assistance - Michael “MettleAngel” Francisco
Record Label: Killers By Trade Publishing


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