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The Porridgeface - Lifestream

The Porridgeface
by Dan Mailer at 19 March 2014, 12:23 AM

THE PORRIDGEFACE is the project of Swedish based Anders Lindberg, who performs every instrument involved in this Speed Metal madness. The new album “Lifestream” has some eye-catching song titles with various Metal puns, and features a heavy yet very underground sound.

The album opens with “Life Is Killing Me”, a very heavy opening song, with plenty of riffs and very angry sounding harsh vocals; this then gives way to the hilariously titled “Hallowed Be Thy Shame”, which opens up with a very cool first riff, and the vocals are a bit more dynamic here. The lead guitar moments on this one are great as well, making this one of the highlights actually!

The album powers through thrashing riffs with plenty of speed involved, from evil sounding songs like “Infinite Regrets” with plenty of sinister guitar harmonies and a driving sound provided by the drums, to more melodic speed metal tunes like “New Clear Daze” which has some awesome guitar playing throughout. A shout out has to go to the cover of the somewhat obscure (or so I thought) THOR’s song “Let The Blood Run Red”, which is a bit heavier than the original and played well to the style of the artist themselves. Title track “Lifestream” is a nice and dynamic song with plenty of different moments and a really cool overall feel and nice chorus. The album ends up with “Ironwrath”, starting off with contemplative clean guitar chords and a clean vocal, the song gets heavier and heavier as it progresses through its 8 minute song length, making it a great closer to the album.

This album is a classic case of don’t judge a book (or rather, CD) by its, because although the content inside is actually really quite good, the cover was quite misleading, and it would be nice to see this presented to match the music inside! Other than that, this is a great release, well produced, with plenty of great moments.

3 Star Rating

1. Life Is Killing Me
2. Hallowed Be Thy Shame
3. Liar’s Inc
4. Damnation
5. New Clear Daze
6. Lifestream
7. Let The Blood Run Red
8. Ironwrath
Anders Lindberg – All Instruments / Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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