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The Prophecy - Salvation Award winner

The Prophecy
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 27 December 2012, 3:27 PM

Probably one of the toughest things in human being’s life is to let go of the ordinary life’s routine. Same things done every day, get up, wash, go to work, eat, head home, be with family and do stuff then shower and head to bed. The cycle continues day after day along with hardships and burden aside to fun and games. Sometimes there are these feels that the obvious needs to be broken, man need a release, some kind of salvation from himself, from his regular ongoing doings and seek a new path. Just step out of the suit and redeem yourself. In general, it sounds like suicide but that would be senseless wouldn’t it? I think it is a matter of taking a short break from life and not dying to end to shut it down. Of course everything can be perceived differently by people, but the general direction is positive. That is more or less what I think of the long journey I had with the new THE PROPHECY album named “Salvation”, its meaning and how it affected me in a way that I wanted to ferret the deeper ends of silence, comfortable moments of amity. Well maybe not too much peace “Salvation”, via Code666 Records, is an experience of the legitimization of the will to be free from the chains of life’s boundaries. It should be integrated knee deep in the cortex, mellow and foreboding at times but also harmonic and blissful.

Taking a step farther from the PARADISE LOST influences I found on the band’s earlier album, “Into The Light”, the new “Salvation” album seems to be drawing prevalence more from other Doom acts as MY DYING BRIDE with a slight doctrinarian of KATATONIA and of course BLACK SABBATH.. Yet without a doubt, there is that fine line of traditional Doom Metal running through these guys’ veins along with the beanpole layer of extremity as the agitator for this release, as it has always been since day one. However, as it seems, THE PROPHECY have been more into the ancestral kind of Doom Metal while lessening the extreme Metal indications. Though I am fan of the old extreme kind of Metal music, mostly Death and Doom Metal, I believe that THE PROPHECY have reached to their peak performance to date with this album. Through five songs, which each of them carries its own story of letting go and the will to be free from life’s grievances, their acted upon path on this one sent me wishing for more depthy distorted riffing, enchanting first class singing by such a tremendous voice, equally favored low end growl that demonstrated a fine contrast between the vocal styles and a tight rhythm section that performed with a divine nobility. I didn’t look for catchy attributes because I knew beforehand that I won’t find them. On the contrary, approaching this release I looked for honesty and I am glad that I was able to grasp it in the end.

“In Silence” recommended me to think of possible voids that might appear one day as life is progressing and guided me how to tango and how to treat them. The vocal rhythms were amazing, so smooth, soft similar to the form of earlier Doom Metal releases out of England. When it was time for the rougher stuff, THE PROPHECY knew exactly how to turn things around showing the wickedness of hardships and the pain that might be inflicted when attempting to reach the so much wanted salvation out of the daily trials. I enjoyed the simplistic guitar riffing that sounded spectacular, a true form of art even as uncomplicated as it turned out to be. “Redemption” continued the same manner of the previous but took harsher heavier edges showing that nothing easy in the golden path that might end up black. One of the deepest creations of Doom Metal I have a heard in quite some time. “Released”, a pleasant offering filled with a hallowed atmosphere that will let you travel lightly as if gravity is not an issue, like an essence seeking a way out of a tormented body. The music is pure, acoustic with great vocals that once again displayed an amazing vocalist at work.

In short, this album is a must, a spiritual journey through the path of release, salvation, redemption from the hardships of life. Doom Metal reached a new peak and THE PROPHECY has it by the balls.

4 Star Rating

1. Salvation
2. Released
3. Reflections
4. In Silence
5. Redemption 
Greg O'Shea- Guitars
John Bennett- Drums
Matt Lawson- Vocals
Gavin Parkinson- Bass
Record Label: Code666 Records


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