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The Prophecy23 - Green Machine Laser Beam

The Prophecy23
Green Machine Laser Beam
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 August 2012, 1:26 PM

They are tough, supposedly cool, they thrash and mosh and have something going on with the number 23. I don't know if they are crazy fans of Michael Jordan, but it is possible that they just like being weird along with oozed up drunk and hazy. This is something for the Metal books, THE PROPHECY23. Taking Thrash to various of tasty limits right into the realms of Death Metal, Punk and Hardcore, this German band releases its second album, via Massacre Records, "Green Machine Laser Beam". THE PROPHECY23 have been able to align quite well the anger of Bay Area heroes TESTAMENT and EXODUS along Hardcore / Punk crossovers in the vein of GAMA BOMB, S.O.D., MUNICIPAL WASTE and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Mixed Thrash, alcohol and tons of wild pizza parties are the main courses for this childishly humorous and could piece of energetic detonation. It might not be original but the youthful spirit generated from the tracks is the band's treasure.

At first "Green Machine Laser Beam" started with a small limp due to the reason that it was pretty ordinary without anything to indicate that there is something here that is above normal, even with the crispy Deathly growls. "Beyond The Purple Pipes" signaled that there is a storm coming in and it is about to get ugly. However, the real Thrash onslaught began after stupid intro of "Sergeant P Of The 23". With "We Are The Pit Police" the band was able to unleash great Thrash riffages, some modern made and some old school oriented, with a one powerful chorus. "Wake Me Up For Lunch" reminded me of the amazing tunes of DR. LIVING DEAD, MUNICIPAL WASTE and GAMA BOMB. The high rate of nonsense didn't seem to affect the five Germans and I actually felt that they were serious and greatly pissed for food.

The true Thrash / Crossover treat came with "Captain Quick And The Pirates" that was probably based on some sort of imaginary comic book. In comparison to the gang like choruses, this had more to offer with actual singing. Furthermore it blasted with more than satisfying Thrash bombardment. "No Beer, What A Mess" is catchy TANKARD like delivered song all the way. A Magnetic hit, which also consisted of fine melodies, that won't stop the power of thirst. More at the front that made me fill a lot happier about this album were "Don't Waste Time, Get Wasted Now", "No Followers, No Leaders” (Assumingly the only serious track on this release) and the sort of laughable tale of "Princess Of Gorleben", hail to the line princess baby.

The party will never cease and no one will dare in his mind to stop the beer fumes. Thrash Till Death is not just a phrase; it can serve as a way of life, for some people at least. THE PROPHECY23, with the greenish features committed themselves to Thrash with a great album. Stupid or not, it was a fun stuff to listen to. So prepare to mosh, drink yourself to death and assemble your liver for war.

4 Star Rating

1. Tough Cool and Here to Mosh
2. Ice Road Trucker Vs the Sun
3. Don't Step Back
4. Beyond the Purple Pipes
5. Green Machine Laser Beam
6. Sergeant P of the 23
7. We Are the Pit Police
8. Wake Me Up for Lunch
9. Honor to Whom, Honor Is Due
10. Captain Quick and the Pirates
11. Call Your Friends to Hang Out
12. Don't Waste Time, Get Wasted (Now !)
13. No Beer, What a Mess
14. No Followers No Leaders
15. Princess of Gorleben
16. Guts Gore Reactor (Live at Bobs Country Bunker) 
Phil - Growl Vocals
Johannes Klopprogge– Vocals / Guitars
Mario - Bass
Dennis Lidak– Guitars
Florian Sanden- Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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