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The Prowlers - Point Of No Return

The Prowlers
Point Of No Return
by Vasilis Odontidis at 22 April 2013, 4:23 PM

Starting as an IRON MAIDEN cover band the Italians under the obviously MAIDENish name THE PROWLERS have evolved into a band that counts four albums already that has nothing to do with the NWOBHM sound but instead focus on a modern and semi progressive semi power metal approach. “Point Of No Return” is their fourth release and successor to 2009 album “Re-Evolution”.

The album features 12 tracks of which only the first one, “Touchy Too” is an instrumental piece. The record includes heavy progressive tunes like “Face To Face” with the very catchy chorus, the European Power Metalish “Heaven Starts From You” and “Attraction Law”, or the homonymous killer song “Point of No Return”. There are also some power ballads like “The Death of Me”, or “Mind Lies”. There are other songs like “Education Day” which starts in a very mellow feeling and turns out in a very powerful song. The songs have a wide range of parts. There are heavy chunky riffs, progressive technical parts, the keyboards either support as synths and orchestras or go in full force attack leading the song, there are numerous solos of both instruments. The rhythm section is a battalion by itself. The drums switch from double bass beating to simple rock patterns and  the bass is reassuring that each beat is nailed property. The vocals are other times soft and other times powerful and climb in the high scales with great ease.

“Point Of No Return” is a record that the band builds upon a style they have established in the previous records. There is now only one guitarist in the lineup so the interaction between Roberto Franzò and Massimiliano De Stefano is much more evident in the compositions. There are riffs that start in your head and the stunning vocals of Fabio Minchillo take the songs into another level. The guy has great vocal range and a voice that could resemble something between Dickinson and Kiske but as I see it there is no forced mimicking of their style but instead someone who knows how to handle his great voice. THE PROWLERS have released a record that is very pleasant to listen to. They have interesting ideas, their compositions show a very professional workout, they are very good players and they have a vocalist that has the necessary skills to nail each song no matter the range and the difficulty. In the end “Point of No Return” is a record with catchy choruses, a wide range of changes in the songs that could never be characterized boring and I can safely say that it is better than a lot of wannabe progressive or boringly repetitive power metal bands that are filling stores and our playlists lately. Forza Italia!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Touchy Too
2. Face to Face
3. Heaven Starts From You
4. Victims
5. The Death of Me
6. Point of No Return
7. Warriors of the Wastelands
8. Mind Lies
9. The Attraction Law
10. The Reading Day
11. The Education Day
12. Time to Go
Alessandro Vincis - Bass
Claudio "Dr.K" Cappabianca - Drums
Massimiliano De Stefano - Keyboards
Fabio Minchillo - Vocals
Roberto Franzò - Guitars
Record Label: Perris Records


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