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The Quireboys - Amazing Disgrace

The Quireboys
Amazing Disgrace
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 31 May 2019, 10:19 AM

And just after less than one year, THE QUIREBOYS is back to the front once again. Yes, after the release of “Homewreckers & Heartbreakers - 10th Anniversary Special” (a new reissue of their own album), here is “Amazing Disgrace”, their new full length. Let’s say that it’s truly strange for these days, where the gaps between each album from a band expanded from 1-2 years to 4-5 years or more!

They didn’t change a thing at all: their musical work is the same mix of 70's Classic Rock/Hard Rock with Glam Metal elements, some Blues influences here and there, and sometimes, a lot of energy and an elegant Rock ‘n’ Roll approach (as can be heard on “Original Black Eyed Son”). Obviously, they wouldn’t change their musical personality after all these years (and it wouldn’t make any sense at all), and that’s the reason for this album to be so good to the ears. To their musical work, a sound quality that could mix the needed clarity for their musical work to be understood, but with an organic feeling that reminds the 70's was essential to be done. And once more, it what’s they have, and the instrumental tunes were chosen as they were playing a live shot in the studio, like they used some analogical devices to feed their music instruments.

These six guys know how to deliver excellent catchy songs, with charming choruses and amazing melodies. They have the experience on their side to make songs as the hooking Classic Rock theme called “Original Black Eyed Son” (excellent pianos and guitars can be heard), the seductive set of melodies that they unleash on “Sinner Serenade” (very good guitar riffs, along with a great work from vocals and backing vocals), the raw and warm energy of “Seven Deadly Sins” with its solid work from bass guitar and drums, the Blues Rock deeper feeling that fills the excellent introspective ambiance of “Eve of the Summertime”, the excellent ballad “This Is It” (created with a tender acoustic outfit that can bring tears to the listeners’ eyes), the old and good Hard Rock from the 70's energy that fills the melodies of “Slave #1” and “Medusa, My Girl”, and they show why they active for such long time.

“Amazing Disgrace” is another very good album from THE QUIREBOYS, so hear it out loud.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Original Black Eyed Son
2. Sinner Serenade
3. Seven Deadly Sins
4. Amazing Disgrace
5. Eve of the Summertime
6. California Blues
7. This Is It
8. Feels Like a Long Time
9. Slave #1
10. Dancing in Paris
11. Medusa, My Girl
Spike - Vocals
Guy Griffin - Guitars
Paul Guerin - Guitars
Keith Weir - Keyboards
Nick Mailing - Bass
Dave McCluskey - Drums
Record Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings


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Edited 09 December 2022

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