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The Resistance - Scars

The Resistance
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 June 2013, 1:26 PM

Jesper Strömblad and Glenn Ljungström, two long time partners, over the years sharing the spotlight on several big names such as HAMMERFALL, early days of IN FLAMES and the uncertain endeavor of DIMENSION  ZERO. A little while ago the twosome aligned their efforts as twin axes once again with the formation of the new modern Death Metal act, THE RESISTANCE along with ex-members of THE HAUNTED and FACE DOWN, displaying various merits of loosened modern Death Metal, cannoning shells of extreme Thrash while curving with contemporary, inflammatory Hardcore. Signed to earMUSIC, THE RESISTANCE released their debut effort of “Scars”, a signification of a punch through the throat, loads of antagonism and dismay, an all-out war against the grain with a violent vehemence. On a personal note, I listened to nearly everything these guys ever made together, and frankly this one has been one the toughest yet, don’t expect a pat in the shoulder.

 Though I have the feeling that not many would agree with me, but “Scars” in an obscure kind of way is actually versatile enough to be proclaimed as a multi-dimensional album. It is true that the main focus within the material is common raw power, same lustful surge for destruction and the will to kill or the reshaping of society as nearly every nowadays Metal communion, but the summoning of three dissimilar genres, though having a few connecting dots in a way, along with veteran status of the musicians of this lineup, can be considered as fruitful in the short run. Don’t get me wrong, “Scars” is no work of art nor a scheme of genius, but it punches just right, revealing additional sides of the main characters. Nothing seemed calculated, just plain Death Metal mutation with blistering Thrash / Hardcore combinations that made me think of HATESPHERE or chugger incarnation of SOILWORK. Just for the thrill of it? I can’t say, but it was comprehensible enough to figure out. “The Serpent King” pursued massiveness, tight riffing, fast paced drum molestation in the vein of SLAYER, straightforward violence with rough grooves. “(I Will) Die Alone” and “Scars” continued the Death / Thrash crosswinds, taking it up to the DEW-SCENTED alley.  But, at least the latter, showcased bits of atmospheric and melodic insights that indicated of early 00s IN FLAMES, and I thought that Strömblad and Ljungström lost it completely. “Eye For An Eye” and “Clearing The Slate” attacked mercilessly with roughed up riffing and constant Thrash type rhythms with Deathly grindings. Those are good examples of the common modern inclusion of the modern Metal assemblies, but still a little harmonized.

THE RESISTANCE certainly didn’t come forward with anything that would bright one’s mind; it has its power points that will lead into equivocal renderings between what is truly Metal and modern Hardcore. I am still all for the Metal side of this story, though THE RESISTANCE were able to let the other stream mix in quite nicely. “Scars” is only the first offering, so I will be patient to see more of these guys in the future to come.   

3 Star Rating

1. Clearing the Slate
2. Your Demise
3. To the Death
4. Expand to Expire
5. Imperfected
6. I Bend - You Break
7. The Serpent King
8. Eye for an Eye
9. My Madness
10. Warmonger
11. Scars
12. (I Will) Die Alone
Marco Aro - Vocals
Jesper Strömblad - Guitar
Glenn Ljungström - Guitar
Chris Barkensjö - Drums
Record Label: earMUSIC


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