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The Revenge Project – The Bequest of the Damned

The Revenge Project
The Bequest of the Damned
by Ricardo Casagrande at 23 July 2022, 2:13 PM

THE REVENGE PROJECT are Bulgarian Death metal veterans of over twenty years on the metal scene, formed in 2000. They released their first demo in 2002 called No Chance To See The Sun Again with a follow up EP in 2004 titled The End Is Coming…. In 2005 they put out their first of six full-length albums called The Dawn Of Nothingness. They followed it up with four more full-length releases before we reach this year in which they release their newest edition, The Bequest of the Dawned.

The album starts off with an aggressive and progressive start before giving into domination with the track “Scorned By The Own Eyes”. A great mix of Black and Death metal filled with riffs and heavy metal melody that is devised to catch the attention of metalheads. The second track is a more free flowing song that matches the likes of TRIVIUM, or at least a North American group. The bass is a pounding force, and a well-done solo are the vocal points within the track. A devious entrance into the track “Rulers Of Rot” ties together this outpour of aggression and comradery with the band. The vocals are driven heavily with the tempo of the guitars as they are layered with pounding drums that catch what the band has created with this album perfectly.

“The Bequest Of The Damned” is a well-structured track that overlays Thrash and Death metal riffs over more softer picking that gives the track a heavier and more voluminous sound. The tracks are very well presented throughout the album, whether it be the guitar riffs with a touch of progression, or the on-point rhythm section held in place by the drum and bass. The album as a whole seems to take a very old school approach that is hard to find these days in more modern bands that kind of have a hard time maintaining a great songwriting structure parallel with a more brutal metal sound. “Requiem For A Last Goodbye” is a prime example of this as it maintains a grinding metal background to a very melodic setting that keeps your head banging. The album finishes off with the track “Beyond The Flesh” with punchy guitars and hammering drums sets the scene for a pit rumbling track. Strong lead guitar work that collapses into some duelling efforts ties the track together as a top song on the album for me.

This is yet another strong showing for a band that many have probably not heard of in the vast amount of material being produced. You can get an understanding of the twenty plus years of playing together as the songs fit within each other very well. They maintain a distinctly heavy base to the tracks and thread melody, deep tone and creative touch throughout the release. I would recommend to metalheads that are looking for the older touch and natural degree of Death metal.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Scorned By The Own Eyes
2. Prophecies Of Doom
3. Rulers Of Rot
4. The Bequest Of The Damned
5. Self Castigation
6. The Sorrow Within
7. Wasteful Lives
8. Requiem For A Last Goodbye
9. Beyond The Flesh
Petyo Kolev – Vocals
Deimos – Guitars
Staffa – Guitars
Articorse – Bass
Kustev – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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