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The Rising Sun Experience - Beyond The Oblivious Abyss Award winner

The Rising Sun Experience
Beyond The Oblivious Abyss
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 06 January 2014, 10:37 PM

I got this album of THE RISING SUN EXPERIENCE a while ago from a friend in Portugal, he told me lots of good things about this band and about their music. However the moment he started telling me that the album is journey into the Psychedelic Rock frenzy of the late 60’s, beginning of the 70’s, combining the mellow and innocent identity of the “love generation” with the harshness of heavy, Progressive “space” Rock that emerged in a decade that witnessed the birth of some of the highest musical references of all time, then I said “shit I got to listen to this band”, so I did. Before you is the story of THE RISING SUN EXPERIENCE’s new and first album “Beyond the Oblivious Abyss”.

From the start with “Countries Off”, you can understand that this track hit the spot, the classic guitar riffs blend with classic Jon Lord (DEEP PURPLE) organ playing style that we forgot long ago and truly nice to hear it back again, as I said DEEP PURPLE fan will be amazed, though not only, but also fans of the area of the 60‘s meet 70’s will be delighted with the sound that THE RISING SUN EXPERIENCE are propagating in the first track. Into the next track, which also has a video clip, “The Integrity” is more modern song with elements that span from Grunge to classic 70’s Hard Rock, I found it to very playable, as it brought me to a listen of six times in a row.

Like many psychedelic bands or even progressive bands THE RISING SUN EXPERIENCE are trying to tell a story with their music and tracks four to eight seems to be a long trip into Psychedelic Rock music that long have been forgotten but not again, the story that THE RISING SUN EXPERIENCE is telling is using all psychedelic elements in a good way.

Surprised? I don’t think so, this guys are doing something right, maybe it’s bringing back the roots of Rock and psychedelic Rock, I don’t know, I can only say that even though being short in experience (all album is around 30 minutes), it’s truly magical and psychedelic journey that you got to be part of.

4 Star Rating

1. Countries Off
2. The Integrity
3. Infinite Space Of A Man Without Character
4. Wasted Dreams Of Red Flowers I) bird of paradise
5. Wasted Dreams Of Red Flowers II) red monkey flower
6. Wasted Dreams Of Red Flowers III) snapdragon
7. Wasted Dreams Of Red Flowers IV) garden mums
8. Wasted Dreams Of Red Flowers V) cosmos
Nelson Dias – Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Tiago Jónatas – Bass / Electronics
Nuno Cardinho – Guitar
Nuno Silva - Drums
António Lopes Gonçalves – Organ / Electronics
Daniel Surrador - Percussion
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 19 January 2022

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