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The Road Vikings - Requiem of an Outlaw Biker Award winner

The Road Vikings
Requiem of an Outlaw Biker
by Jess at 13 December 2014, 3:49 PM

THE ROAD VIKINGS, a US native Metal band, has been through many of the same struggles as many new bands do. They formed in 2011 and have had what some consider the normal line up issues, but what many bands don’t have to go through is the almost 24 drummers the band went through. After the trials and tribulations they were ready to make music. THE ROAD VIKINGS are back with their sophomore release “Requiem of an Outlaw Biker”. The release came earlier in 2014 with 10 tracks and a listening time of 46 minutes. “Requiem of an Outlaw Biker” is said to “boasts killer sound, unshakeable musicianship, mind-warping guitar solos and engaging songwriting.”

From first listen I thought this album would be something I would hear on my local classic rock station. The glorified guitars with the incredible riffs and solos that sored classic rock into the heavens, kissing the stars, are the building blocks to the music THE ROAD VIKINGS create. These ten tracks are the epitome of the new old badass Metal. Each track is full of intricate drumming, precise bass mechanics, classic guitars, and vocals that are mixed somewhere between Rock and Metal clean. One of the most interesting things about THE ROAD VIKINGS is they are influenced also by Viking history. It’s like Viking Metal meets Classic Rock meets Classic Metal. There’s some interesting writing to be had.

Track one, “Black Magic Nights”, demonstrates both vocals the band holds. Male and female vocals create an interesting contrasting sound. The drums and bass are heavy, but the guitars keep the overall sound light and flowing. “I Burn in Hell” has the same hard and heavy bass line, but this time it’s very pronounced and beautiful. The guitars keep the track low and heavy, but it’s the drums that lift the track up a bit this time. The two tracks are incredibly different, but so much the same.

“Live to Ride” has the most unbelievable guitar solos on the album. If you are looking for a track that keep the classic feeling alive, this one is it. The final track “The Road to Valhalla” is so confusing to me, only because I am used to hearing this song in pure Pagan Metal style with growled vocals. I love it that THE ROAD VIKINGS can take history they find interesting and convert it into something that is rarely done.

This album is interesting in so many different ways; the lyrical content, the musicianship, and the Metal, dear god the Metal in brilliant and classic. If you like Classic Rock and Metal, give these guys a listen. You will be glad you did.

4 Star Rating

1. Black Magic Nights
2. Emergency
3. Full Moon
4. Headwind
5. I Burn In Hell
6. Live to Ride
7. Lovebound
8. Requiem if an Outlaw Biker
9. The Ballad of Evel Knievel
10. The Road to Valhalla
Dan Bryant – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Harmonica
Brian Rountree – Guitar
List Tonra – Bass, Vocals
Jimmy Wells – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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