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The Room 1985 - The Bliss

The Room 1985
The Bliss
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 08 August 2018, 11:08 AM

Manchester, UK's THE ROOM 1985 are now ready to conquer the world with their second album "The Bliss". Their first release (self-titled) received quite a good response from the medias and enthusiasts. This is a conceptual album like we're used to see in the progressive rock scene and now more and more in  many different music genres. The cover art speaks for itself,(Artwork by Jack Leeson). We can feel the loneliness and cold world that the two protagonists are exposed to. Maybe you recognize yourself as one of them.They choose an actual debate or living society problem that is social media,once its badly used. They describe themselves as Post-Rock with electronics in the comfort of a strong psychedelic ambiance and landscapes, which I would agree with. The songwriting is intelligent and cohesive. It made me think about PORCUPINE TREE's "Fear of a Blank Planet" that did something pretty similar, and even explored the effects of prescribed drugs on people generally.

"The Bliss" is quite a good album but sometimes it got me lost.The electronic elements were very elaborate and this just wasn’t an easy listening experience (read positively). The album deserves a few spins before posing any critical judgement. This is creative, moving and conceptual. Think of AYREON, whose synths won over the entire room in the songs, mostly. There are special moments of groove in "Ishtar. "The Arrival" shows more energy and punch, and "Snowy white" was pleasant due to the sweet melodies. Personally, I wish they added more guitar. There is slightly enough strings to keep me from falling in a sea of electronic parts and digital noises. But it serves the story well. This is a very good album, and people who like it will love it pretty much but the same will be considered as for ones that don’t feel it. But I’d say be curious , click on the links and let them teach you some original songwriting and a cool futuristic tale that isn't that far from reality.

Songwriting :8
Originality :9
Memorability :7
Production :9

4 Star Rating

1. Daylight
2. The Bliss
3. Attention Seeker
4. Ishtar
5. Snowy White
6. The Arrival
7. The Tentacles of Oz
8. Awake
Sam Stone - Vocals, Bass
Chris Crysand - Guitars, Synths
John Hulse - Drums, Programming
Record Label: Analogue Trash


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